MBA Course in Disaster Management will help Government Officials

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MBA Course in Disaster Management will help Government Officials

A person who completes an MBA degree in Disaster Management may not be employable but this course could be pursued by top government officials – especially those clearing Union Public Service Commission exams – to help them manage situations of natural and man made disasters more efficiently.

Director of the Regional Meteorological Centre at Chennai Dr. S.R. Ramanan made this statement after addressing the gathering at a conference organised by Vivekanandha Institute of Management Studies, Tiruchengode, on ‘Managing Disaster in a Globalized Era’. The two – week event was sponsored by the All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE ).

It is not because it is a different course but it is a necessity to know how to manage situations of emergency as disasters are highly unpredictable, the Director said.


The course could cover topics such as psychological support for victims, availability of adequate essential medicines, materials for immediate and large – scale kitchen preparation, material supply, rescue operations, milk availability, identifying sources of food, restoring electricity and phone connections.

It was necessary to conduct disaster management drills at educational institutions, government offices, corporate firms and private companies.

“We may know how to act theoretically but practicing them once or twice a year will help us act spontaneously when disaster strikes without notice,” he stated.

He noted that such drills are conducted on a regular basis at disaster – prone countries like Cuba, volcano prone Indonesia and quake hit Japan and this helps them avert loss of human and cattle life to the best possible extent.

At this juncture he pointed out at an instance where a family of three in Indonesia was saved because a girl learnt that receding ocean would end up in tsunami and alerted her parents.

According to him in India thunder storms are quite common and claimed more lives and schools could start practice disaster management from here, he suggested.

Though it was not possible to prevent natural disasters using present – day science and technology, it was possible to reduce damage through precautions, he said.

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