Mere degrees do not make a person employable

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Mere degrees do not make a person employable

Many graduates of today are not employed. The reason is that many of them who possess a degree are not employable. When post – graduates in computer science cannot do programming; when post – graduates in English Literature cannot speak in English without mistakes, then nobody is going to hire them, Commissioner of Police C. Sylendra Babu said here recently.

In his graduation day address at V.L.B. Janakiammal College of Arts and Science, he said that inter – personal skills were as important as the subject knowledge. “Knowledge of people is as important as knowledge of the subject,” he said.

“There are many unemployed graduates in the country. But, at the same time, there are millions of jobs lying vacant. Our country needs 50,000 chartered accountants in the next five years. We need scientists, highly qualified technicians in production, para – medical professionals, and teachers,” the Commissioner said.

“Education refers to the knowledge, skill or attitude obtained by a process called learning. You must reflect whether there is any change in the extent of knowledge, skill and attitude after studying for four or six years. If there is a change, that too a desirable change, then you have had education,” Mr. Babu added.

The speech of Mr. Babu was read out in absentia by Assistant Commissioner of Police, South Sub – Division, T.L. Balaji Saravanan. He also gave away the degree certificates to the students.

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