New options for Indian Students

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New options for Indian Students

The US-based Webster University which has established a campus in Thailand is offering attractive education opportunities to Indian students through its graduate and under-graduate programs and aims to offer an American university experience within the context of Asia.

“Thailand is close to India. It is relatively simple to get a visa and the Thailand campus of the Webster University fulfils the demand for high levels of quality education which Indians want to give to their children. An increasing number of Indians are venturing abroad for studies even at the under-graduate level.

Moreover, South-East Asia is a very big market and offers good opportunities for education,” says Webster University associate director Samrat Ray Chaudhuri.

Though the Webster University Thailand campus started nearly 11 years ago, it is currently aiming at Indian students for its under-graduate programs in international relations, business administration and media.

“We have three major and two minor intakes in a year. The size of each class is about 25. It is a good opportunity for Indians as they do not have to look too far for a quality education institution which provides them with international exposure and opportunities for networking and making diverse contacts. We also offer generous scholarships,” Mr. Chaudhuri said.

The university, which was established in 1915, has its main campus in St. Louis, Missouri, and a network of nine international campuses and over 85 campuses and study centres in the US. “This is the only American university in Thailand accredited both in the US and Thailand,” Mr. Chaudhuri adds.

According to Academic affairs vice-rector Bruce Keele, “Thailand is one of the most developed countries in South-East Asia and is extremely education-friendly and was thus a natural choice.”

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