Workshop on Natural Language Processing 2012

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Workshop on NLP : To Accomplish Human – like Language Processing :

Department of Computer Science in University of Mumbai will organize One Day Workshop on Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) 25th October, 2012, Mumbai on “NLP :  To accomplish human – like language processing…..”

Knowledge representation and its interpretation by machine are two important issues in the contemporary world of Natural Language Processing. India has a great tradition of a time tested theories in this domain. Panini’s contributions have been recognized by the modern linguistic scholars including Chomsky. There have been attempts to translate Indian heritage models of Natural Language Processing for the modern computer purpose.

MU take this opportunity to present a few notable contributions in this domain and discuss the new avenues for further research. We plan to have a series of workshops to get ready many young researchers in the subjects of Computer Science, IT, Languages ( Sanskrit and Indian languages in particular and any other language in general ) and Linguistics to join the group.

The workshop on 25th is the first in this series. No registration fees. Limited entries are available only on first come first basis. Confirm your participation by sending an email to :

NLP Workshop Timings :

9.00 AM to 6.00 PM ( Each session of 2hours )

NLP Workshop Venue :

University Department of Computer Science,
Ground Floor, B wing, Ranade Bhavan,
University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari,
Santacruz ( East ), Mumbai – 400 098,
Contact : 022 – 2652 8874 / 2654 3446.

Professor Shrinivasa Varakhedi, Bangalore will speak about Computational Models in Ashtaadhyaaee ( Ashtaadhyaaee is referred as the world’s first program ever written for human processors though ), Dr. V. Sheeba Veliyanad, Kerala will speak about Morphological Analyser ( Morphological analysis is considered to be the toughest task for any language and Indian languages in particular when it come to the machine translation ), Dr. Sivaja Nair, Hyderabad will speak about The Knowledge Structure in Amarakosha ( Amarakosha is a mnemonic thesaurus ) and Dr. Ambuja Salgaonkar, Mumbai will speak about Interpretation of Western Logic and Extension of it by Employing Ideas in Indian Logic.