Workshops for Teachers in CEPT University

CEPT University Workshops for Teachers:

Faculty of Architecture of CEPT University Celebrates its Golden Jubilee Year. One of the aspects of the celebrations is to look into the academic program at the faculty.

Over the years, the faculty has created benchmarks in architectural education as a result of a continuously evolving and well thought out curriculum and teaching methods. As a part of the continuous efforts, CEPT University has organised workshops for teachers.

This zest for a continual process of learning becomes the basis for organizing Teacher Workshops at the Faculty of Architecture. These workshops are aimed to share with other teachers across the country, teaching methods, classroom experiences and exercises that faculty at the undergraduate program at FA have been working with over the years.

The ambient aspect of these workshops is that they are feedback systems. Today, the only forum for teachers to share and create feedback opportunities is within the institute or during juries for design studios.

Feedback is an essential component of any creation process that strives for excellence. Considering peer observations and experiences as a crucial component of feedback, these workshops initiate this process in teaching.

The workshops are thus designed such that they have a component of presentations and a component of active discussions from the participants.

The discussions could be around the method, the programs, the content or the intent of the course. It is also planned to set up short exercises that can be part of the sessions and contribute to the larger sharing experience. Senior and current faculty members will make the presentations.

CEPT University Teachers Workshop Schedule :

1. Design : 28th September, 201230th September, 2012 Prof. Doshi, Prof. K. B. Jain, Prof. N. Chhaya, Prof. Leo Perriera, Prof. Miki Desai, Prof. AniketBhagwat, Prof. Surya Kakani, V. Kashikar, Pratyush Shankar, Meghal Arya, RiyazTayabji, SachinSoni, PuneetMehrotra.

2. History, Humanities and Research : 5th October, 20127th October, 2012 Prof. Chhaya, Prof.Madhavi Desai, Prof. Snehal Shah, Pratyush Shankar, Meghal Arya, RiyazTayyabji, JignaDesai, Gauri Bharat.

The workshop also includes a session of Thesis Reviews that will show the process of the Undergraduate Thesis Program.

3. Technologies : 12th October, 201214th October, 2012 Prof. R.J. Shah, Prof. Vasavada, Prof. C. B. Shah Prof. V. R. Shah, Prof. HemantWala, Prof. Gajjar, NitinRaje, Mona Khakkar, V. Kashikar, SharadPanchal.