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Physics Engineering Course

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Physics Engineering

This field involves the study of Physics, solid-state electronics, cryogenics, material sciences, laser technology and applied nuclear sciences. Engineering Physics stresses that basic physics underlies most developments in engineering, and the mathematical tools that are important to all engineers and scientists. This emphasis, combined with hands-on experience with modern computers, electronics, and lasers, is an excellent preparation for a broad range of careers.

Broad education in theoretical & experimental aspects of modern physics with an orientation towards some of the skills useful in technological applications. In addition to several core courses in physics, special topics are covered by electives such as solid-state electronics, cryogenics, materials science, laser technology & applied nuclear science.

Scope: exist in university & in research & development section of national laboratories & industries.

Educational Attainment: Bachelor degree, Post graduation, Ph.D

Employment Opportunities in Engineering Physics Most engineering physics graduates develop careers in industry as staff engineers or scientists or technical directors; in research and administrative positions in nonprofit and national laboratories; as professors in almost all engineering and scientific disciplines at major universities; as consultants; or as physicians or lawyers. It has maximum employment scope in the field of research and design in industry as well as research institutes like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) etc.

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