BVP Pune M Tech Syllabus 2017

BVP Pune 2017 M Tech Syllabus BVP Pune 2017 M Tech Civil BVP Pune 2017 M Tech Civil ( Hydraulics ) Course Syllabus Engineering Mathematics Linear Algebra : Determinants, algebra of matrices, systems of linear equations, eigen values and eigen vectors. Calculus : Functions of single variable : Limit, continuity and differentiability, mean – value theorems, theorems of integral calculus; evaluation of definite and improper integrals. Functions of two variables: Limit, continuity, partial derivatives, total derivative and directional derivative, maxima and minima, multiple integrals and their applications, sequences and series, test for convergence, Fourier series. Ordinary Differential Equations : First order equations ( […]

Bharati Vidyapeeth MCA Results 2018

BVP MCA 2018 Results BVP MCA 2018 Exam Date Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune 2018 MCA Entrance Exam will be conducted on 25th March, 2018. BVP MCA 2018 Result Date BVP MCA 2018 Result Date : Bharati Vidyapeeth MCA 2018 Entrance Exam Results will be declared on 7th April, 2018 Email Registration for BVP MCA  Entrance Exam Results 2018 Please keep watching this page, to check your BVP MCA  Entrance Results 2018…

Bharati Vidyapeeth University MCA Counselling 2018

Bharati Vidyapeeth MCA 2018 Counselling The counselling and on the spot admissions session will be held at centers as per the following schedule. BVP MCA 2018 Counselling Schedule Note : For detailed schedule of counseling please refer the website. or Admissions are subject to availability The candidate must report for counselling at 10.00 a.m. only, on the date of the counselling at the respective centers. Failure to report for counselling on the scheduled date and time will result in instantaneous cancellation of aclaim of the candidate to the seat. The candidate must note that appearance for the examination and […]

Bharati Vidyapeeth MCA Application Form 2018

BVP MCA 2018 Online Application A candidate desirous of appearing for the B – CAT 2018 entrance test is required to complete the prescribed application form and submit to the University along with entrance test fee of   1,700 /- ( Entrance test fee is non refundable ) BVP MCA 2018 Online Application Procedure The application form is available online at or The candidates should strictly follow the instructions given in the website while filling up the application form online, and must read the instructions carefully before filling up the online application form. Instructions are mentioned at ‘Registration Guide’ […]

Bharati Vidyapeeth University – BVP MCA Entrance Exam 2018

BVP MCA 2018 Entrance Exam Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune, ( BVP ) invites admission Application for  MCA & MCA Lateral Entry programs for the academic session 2018 – 2019. BVP Pune 2018 MCA Course Duration  Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Pune ( Intake : MCA – 60 ) Institute of Management, Kolhapur. ( Intake : MCA – 60 ) Institute of Management and Rural Development, Administration, Sangli. ( Intake : MCA – 30 ) Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Karad. ( Intake : MCA – 60 ) Abhijit Kadam Institute of Management and Social Sciences, Solapur. ( Intake : MCA – […]

BVP Pune Physics Syllabus 2018

BVP Pune 2018 Physics Syllabus BVP 2018 XI Physics Syllabus Unit I : Physical World and Measurement  Physics : Scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society. Need for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of measuring instruments; errors in measurement; significant figures. Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis and its applications. Unit II : Kinematics Frame of reference, Motion in a straight line; Position – time graph, speed and velocity. Uniform and non – uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity. […]

BVP Pune Syllabus 2018

BVP Pune CET 2018 Engineering Syllabus Trigonometry : Angle and its Measurements, Standard Angles, Angles in Quadrant and Quadrantal Angles, Relation between Degree Measure and Radian Measure, Length of Arc of a Circle, Area of Sector. Trigonometric Ratios : Trigonometric Ratios of any Angle, Signs of Trigonometric Ratios in Different Quadrants, Fundamental Identities, Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angles, Trigonometric Ratios of Allied Angles, Trigonometric Ratios of Multiple Angles, Trigonometric Ratios of Half Angles, Factorization and Defactorization Formulae, Sum and Difference of Two Angles, Properties of Triangle : Trigonometric Ratios of Angles of a Triangle, Cosine Rule, Sine Rule, Projection Rule, […]

BVP CET Counselling 2018

BVP Pune Counselling 2018 After declaration of result the university will dispatch counselling and on the spot selection invitation letters to first 5000 candidate in the merit list of CET ( Engineering )  2018. Candidates who have filled the application form online and whose name appear within the merit list of first 5000 we receive the counseling invitation letters at the email address provided. The candidate from merit No. 1 to 5000 should attend the counselling on the dates mentioned in the counselling schedule mentioned at point no. 52. Candidate from merit no. 5001 to 8000 should attend the counselling […]

BVP Pune 2018 MBA Results

BVP Pune 2018 MBA Results BVP BMAT 2018 Exam Date : Bharati Vidyapeeth University Management Aptitude Test 2018 will be conducted on 25th March, 2018. BVP Pune 2018 MBA Result Date : BVP Pune 2018 MBA Result Date :BVP Entrannce Exam 2018 Results will be declared in the month 7th April, 2018. Email Registration for BVP Pune  Entrance Exam Results 2018 Please keep watching this page, to check your BVP Pune  Entrance Results 2018…