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Sainik School in Pungalwa

The early history of Nagaland is the the story of the Customs and Economic Activities of the Naga Tribes. The people were originally referred to as Naka in Burmese languages, which means ‘People with pierced Ears’.

The Naga tribes had Socio – Economic and Political links with tribes in Assam and Burma ( Myanmar ), even today a large population of Naga inhabits Assam.

Following an invasion in 1816, the area, along with Assam, came under direct rule of Burma.

This period was noted for Oppressive rule and turmoil in Assam and Nagaland. When the British East India Company took control of Assam in 1826, the Britain steadily expanded its domain over modern Nagaland.

By 1892, all of Modern Nagaland except the Tuensang area in the Northeast was governed by the British.

It was Politically amalgamated into Assam. Missionaries played an Important part in converting Nagaland’s Naga tribes in Christianity.

Research must be done to find out the origin, religion, and lifestyle of these people before the Burmese invasion or before the Naga people were converted to Christianity.

Sainik School Contact Address :

Sainik School Pungalwa,
District Peren,
Nagaland – 803 116,
Phone No. : 06112 255449, 255303, 255031.

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Sainik School in Pungalwa – History of Nagaland Sainik School – Customs and Economic Activities – Sainik School Contact Address

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