Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships for International Students, Australia

Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships for International Doctor of Philosophy students, University of Technology Sydney

In 2011, the Faculty of Law will be offering five scholarships for commencing Doctor of Philosophy students. The Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships will also be offered in 2012 (five scholarships) and in 2013 (five scholarships).

The doctoral scholarships are open to domestic and international students. It is expected that scholarship holders will be full – time students, but the scholarship may be awarded to part – time students in the circumstances specified in the Conditions of Award.

Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship Benefits :

Benefits offered under the scholarships include :

  • A stipend of $ 25,000 per annum for 3 years.
  • A research support fund of $ 1,500 per annum.
  • Paid holiday, sick, maternity, and parenting leave.

Further information about the benefits and conditions of award.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship :

  • For information on the eligibility criteria, please see clause 1 of the Conditions of Award.
  • Doctoral Scholarships will be awarded according to the following selection criteria :
    1. academic merit of the applicant;
    2. research and other relevant experience of the applicant;
    3. publication record of the applicant; and,
    4. relevance of the proposed research to the Faculty’s research strengths.

Application Process :

Applicants interested in applying for the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships must have submitted an application for admission to UTS to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Faculty of Law.

  • Domestic students should have submitted an application to the University Graduate School.
  • International students should have submitted an application to UTS : International.
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To apply for a Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship, applications must be made using the following online form. The same form can also be used for applicants interested in being considered for a Doctoral Teaching Fellowship position.

Applications must be submitted by 29th October 2010. Please refer to the application form for details about how to submit your application for the scholarship.

Applicants will be advised by email of the outcome of their application for a scholarship as soon as possible after the selection committee has met. The selection committee’s decision is final.

For further information : Please contact the Faculty Research Officer, Amrita Mukhopadhyay.

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