Fonds Nature et Technologies Postdoctoral Research Scholarship, Canada

Research scholarship for new researchers of Canada funded by Fonds Nature et Technologies

1. The objective of the postdoctoral research scholarship program is to foster up – and – coming researchers working in various research environments, by helping new doctorate holders to broaden their field of research.

These postdoctoral research scholarships also seek to encourage the mobility of researchers toward scientifically stimulating and dynamic environments. These environments may be universities, industries, government agencies and university affiliated institutions.

2. Postdoctoral research scholarships are intended for new researchers who obtained their doctorate and who wish to begin or pursue their postdoctoral research.

Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Eligibility Conditions :

3. Candidates must meet eligibility conditions as of the deadline for submitting applications, namely, October 6, 2010, 4 p.m.

Citizenship and Residence :

4. Candidates must meet each of the following three conditions :

  • Be Canadian citizens or permanent residents within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (L.R.C., 2001 ch. 27). (A permanent resident has obtained landed immigrant status without having acquired Canadian citizenship) ;
  • Have been living in Quebec for at least one year ;
  • Be residents of Quebec within the meaning of the Quebec Health Insurance Act (L.R.Q. c. A – 29) and of the Quebec Taxation Act (L.R.Q. c. I – 3).
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5. Persons who maintain their Quebec resident status within the meaning of the Quebec Health Insurance Act in particular those living outside Quebec solely for the purpose of continuing their studies, are deemed to be living in Quebec.

6. Persons who do not maintain their Quebec resident status and who have been living outside Quebec for fewer than two years after having, for at least five years, been domiciled in Quebec and having been residents within the meaning the Quebec Health Insurance Act are exempt from residence requirements.

7. Postdoctoral Research Scholarship holders must meet citizenship and residence requirements within the meaning of the Quebec Health Insurance Act and of the Quebec taxation Act for the entire duration of their research scholarship.

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