Chinese Government Scholarship 2014

The Chinese Government Scholarship Program is established by the Ministry of Education of China ( hereinafter referred to as MOE ) in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between the Chinese government and governments of other countries, organizations, education institutions and relevant international organizations to provide both full scholarships and partial scholarships to international students and scholars. The MOE entrusts the China Scholarship Council ( hereinafter referred to as CSC ) to handle the enrollment of international students and carry out the routine management of the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

Eligibility for Government of China Scholarship 2014

Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, as well as faculty who wish to pursue Chinese language instruction or study in other fields as a general scholar or a senior scholar for up to one academic year are eligible to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

Chinese Government Scholarship 2014 Application Form

Chinese Government Scholarships application form for Chinese Government Scholarship ( completed in Chinese or English language ). The candidates shall fill in the online application form and print it after submitting it online. The CSC Online Application System for Study in China is available on

Instructions for Online Application :

Step 1 : Log on The applicants should register for username and password before logging in.

Step 2 : After logging on the system, please read the ONLINE APPLICATION GUIDANCE and follow the steps.

Step 3 : Click on the button “NEXT” and select the scholarship you want to apply.

Step 4 : Please note that the “Agency No is one of the crucial parts of your online application. It is listed in the first blank under the “PERSONAL DATA”. Please make sure that you fill it in correctly otherwise you will not be able to continue your online application.

Step 5 : Please fill in the online application form truly, correctly and completely following the steps listed on the left of the page. The applicants are required to select the disciplines before choosing their majors. Any inquiry about the disciplines and majors please refer to the Discipline Index, which could be downloaded from Help.

Step 6 : Preview the application form after finishing it and submit it online.

Step 7 : Please download the finished application form by clicking the button “DOWNLOAD APPLICATION” and print out two copies.

Step 8 : Please prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents to the dispatching authorities in duplicate. Be sure to upload the application, otherwise it cannot be processed by the consulate.

Note : The above documents should be bound on top left corner ( in duplicate ). No application documents will be returned. The above materials must be submitted to the CAPS Office at M101 McGraw Hall by 3:00 P.M. on Friday, 7th February, 2014. When the candidates are selected, all their application materials will be mailed to the China scholarship Council ( CSC ) in Beijing via the Chinese Consulate – General in New York for final approval before Saturday, 15th February, 2014.

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