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Italian Government Scholarship Programme for Foreign and IRE Students 2012 – 2013

The Italian Government announces the following bursary ( scholarship ) programme for foreign students and IRE ( Italian Residents Abroad ) to study in Italy during the Academic Year 2012 / 2013.

The programme is offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its diplomatic mission in the accredited country of the applicants, to students of selected countries wishing to study at Italian public universities or other public institutions of higher education.

Before filling their application, students should contact Italian diplomatic representatives or Italian Cultural Institutes in their country of citizenship, for detailed and country specific information about this offer.

Applicants should study this document carefully and familiarise themselves with the terms for participating in this scholarship programme.

Particular attention should be paid to the following :

  • Age limit ( Applicant’s age should not exceed 35 years, with some exceptions );
  • Educational background ( Preferably a Masters Degree or equivalent );
  • Required documentation ( Application form, referee reports, academic diplomas and transcripts, applicant’s CV )

To know more about prerequisites, please read the notes at the end of this document.

1. Thematic areas of study, duration of scholarships offered, prerequisites. Before applying students are advised to check the following webpage for further details :

Applicants may request six or nine month scholarships for :

  • Individual university courses. ( Levels I or II ).
  • University degree courses ( Levels I or II ).
  • Advanced professional training, art and music courses.
  • Courses in Italian language teaching.
  • Masters Degree courses ( Levels I or II ).
  • Doctorates Courses.
  • Schools of specialisation.
  • Singly or jointly supervised study or research projects.

2. Degrees / Certificates Awarded

First and second level University Degree – Teaching certificate of Italian as a foreign language – Italian Language Certificate – Certification of individual University course completion – Level I and II Masters Degree – Doctorate Diploma – Certificate of completion of research – Advanced professional, art or music specialisation or diploma.

3. Scholarship Selection Committee and Host Institutions

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Italian mission in the applicant’s country of residence through an “ad hoc” committee or jointly with the local authorities. The Italian Government awards and pays the scholarship through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate General for Country Promotion ( DGSP ), Office VII, Rome.

4. University Host Institutions

Scholarships are awarded for study and / or research programmes at public and legally accredited institutions. Scholarship recipients study at the Italian universities / institutions of their choice, based on the approval of the selection committee. Pre-enrolment to the chosen Italian Institution will be done through the Italian Diplomatic Representatives in the student’s country of citizenship.

5. Scholarship Duration and Start Dates

The only scholarships to be awarded for the 2012 / 2013 academic year will be of three, six or nine month duration. Start dates must be from 1st January, 2013 onward, and duration cannot exceed 31st December, 2013. No scholarships are available for shorter periods of studies.

6. Age Limits for Applicants

Unless otherwise indicated in the executive programmes of cultural agreements with individual countries, new scholarship or renewal applications cannot be accepted from applicants born before June 1st 1976 ( 35 years of age ). In no case may scholarships be awarded to applicants under legal age, i.e. born after June 1st 1994.

7. How to Apply

All applicants must fill out the on-line application form at “Borse on Line”. Please visit the web page : to apply.
The form must be saved and sent on line before the deadline indicated.

8. Application Deadline

Application forms must be received on-line by midnight ( Italian time ) Monday 11th June, 2012. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the Italian Embassy in their country. Successful recipients will be asked to immediately submit authenticated copies of their documents along with their official translations in Italian.

9. Language of Study

Italian is the required language of study in Italy. A basic knowledge of Italian is necessary even at Universities offering courses in English. Adequate knowledge of the Italian language is indispensable to obtaining a scholarship and to enrollment in a university course in Italy, and must be certified in writing.

10. Number of scholarships available, amounts and scholarship selection Committee

90 man-month scholarships have been made available to Indian students. Besides online registration at the website applications should also be sent to the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Please check the website : for more details. Applications received by both the above offices only shall be considered.

11. Duties and responsibilities of scholarship-holders in Italy

Scholarship-holders in Italy must abide by the rules and regulations specified in the updated “Memorandum for Scholarship-holders” For other useful information click here Italian government Scholarships for foreign and I.R.E. student.

12. Entry Visa in Italy

All scholarship-holders must arrive in Italy with an entry visa for study purposes issued by the Italian diplomatic mission and valid for the entire duration of the scholarship. Exemptions from visa requirements include European Union citizens and the citizens of countries with which Italy has bilateral agreements on such matters.

13. Travel to Italy and back

Scholarships do not cover airfares or other travel expenses. Italian diplomatic missions will inform scholarship-holders of any exceptions.

14. Scholarship payments

Payment of scholarships will take place on a quarterly basis and normally during the quarter of reference by bank transfer to an Italian current bank or postal account in the name of the scholarship-holder.

15. Health and accident insurance

For the sole period of the scholarship granted by the Italian government, foreign scholarship-holders are covered by an insurance policy that covers eventual expenses incurred as a result of illness and/or accident.

16. Enrollment fee exemptions

Foreign holders of Italian government scholarships enrolled in First Level Degree Courses ( Corsi di Laurea ) Second Level Degree Courses ( Laurea Specialistica ), Schools of Specialisation ( Scuole di Specializzazione ) ( with the exception of medical studies ) and research doctorates ( Dottorati di ricerca ) are exempt from university enrollment fees ( ref : D.P.C.M. 09/04/2001 ).
Students enrolled in individual courses, professional training, art and music courses, Level I and II Masters courses, will be required to pay related enrollment fees.

17. Scholarship renewal

Foreign students or Italians Residing Abroad ( IREs ) holding scholarships may apply for renewal for the continuation or completion of a multi-year course of study ( Corsi di Laurea, Specializzazioni, Dottorati di Ricerca ). The procedures and time frames for applicants wishing to renew a scholarship are the same as for all other new applicants.

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