Sports Scholarship and Awards

Eligibility for Sports and Awards Scholarships

Age As per the rules of Sangthan


  • All individual students who break previous years’ records in competitions at national level KVS
  • All students who break previous years SGFI records in KVS national meet
  • All students who win gold, silver and bronze in SGFI meet
  • For team games, each member of KVS winning gold, silver, bronze in SGFI meet are awarded cash prizes as mentioned below

Details for Sports and Awards Scholarships

Number of Awards : As applicable from time to time

: One time

Value for Sports and Awards Scholarships

  1. Rupee 2000 for First Place
  2. Rupee 1500 for Second Place
  3. Rupee 1000 for Third Place
  • Rupee 3000 each
  • Rupee 3000
  • Rupee 2000
  • Rupee 1000
  • Rupee 1000
  • Rupee 750
  • Rupee 500

Source : KVS, Delhi

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