Teach for India Fellowship

Study Subject : Program working towards improving performance levels of students, particularly from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds.

Employer : Teach For India

Level : Postgraduate,Young Professional, Experienced professionals, Undergraduate

The Teach For India Fellowship is probably the most challenging and transformational experience of a Fellow’s life.

As teachers in classrooms, Fellows have multiple opportunities to confront and tackle challenges, motivate diverse stakeholders to work hard toward a shared vision, create and adjust plans to move further towards their goals and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

Role of Teach For India Fellows

Every Teach For India Fellow has two main responsibilities, through which he / she learns leadership skills in a hands-on, results-driven environment.

  • Classroom Instructional Leadership

Fellows are full-time teachers in English-medium government or low-income private schools for two consecutive academic years.

Fellows are expected to lead students in their classrooms toward academic achievement that defies traditional expectations.

Fellows foster this achievement by getting to know their students in and out of the classroom; creating instructional plans to match the whole class’ and individual student’s needs; delivering instruction in an engaging manner; working with other teachers, administrators and community members to build skills and obtain resources for the classroom; and administering and analyzing assessments to ensure that students are progressing towards their academic goals.

  • School Transformation/Leadership Project

In addition to teaching, Fellows implement a transformational project in the school and/or students’ community.

Fellows choose to tackle one primary challenge to students’ achievement (after discussions with school communities and leaders) and create innovative and sustainable solutions to this problem.

To carry out this project effectively, Fellows research and plan the project; amass resources necessary to implement the project; invest students, families, teachers, administrators and / or community members to help implement the project; and troubleshoot the project in its execution phase.

By designing, implementing and managing a small-scale, sustainable project within the school community, Fellows build upon their leadership and project management skills.

These leadership and management skills are transferable and Fellows can utilize the lessons learned through this project in other work they do after the duration of the Fellowship.

Through this project, Fellows also develop a deep understanding of the many barriers to achievement and the complex problems associated with achieving equity in education.

This experience shapes and guides the methods through which Fellows tackle educational inequity in the country, both in the short term and long term.

Teach for India Fellowship  Application Deadline : 23 January 2011

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