UGC Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme

The Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship ( RGNF ) Scheme for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes is formulated and funded by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The scheme is open to candidates who belong to Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe and wish to pursue higher studies such as regular and full time M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology. There are 2000 slots for Scheduled Caste and 667 slots for Scheduled Tribe candidates every year for all the subjects.


The scheme has been initiated keeping in view the social background of the candidates for the deprived section of the society and to provide them opportunity to undertake advanced studies and research. The objective of this award is to provide fellowships in the form of financial assistance to unemployed students belonging to SC / ST to pursue higher studies leading to M.Phil and Ph.D degrees ( full-time ) in Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology, in Indian Universities/Institutions/ Colleges approved under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act. and in Non-Universities / Institutions.

UGC Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Eligibility

Target Group : Unemployed SC / ST Candidates who have passed the Post Graduate examination in concerned subject and who desire to pursue full-time research without JRF of UGC – NET or UGC-CSIR NET.


The candidate should belong to SC / ST and should have passed the Post Graduate examination. The selection will be made on the basis of merit of the candidates. The candidate must get himself / herself registered for M.Phil. / Ph.D at the first available opportunity but not later than within a period of two years from the receipt of award letter. This period is not extendable. However, the actual payment of fellowship will be made with effect from the date of joining only.

Nature of Assistance available under the Scheme

The tenure of fellowship is initially for two years under the RGNF Scheme. Before expiry of this period, the work of the Fellow will be evaluated by a Committee of three members comprising of Head of the Department, Supervisor and one outside subject expert to be constituted by the concerned Department of the / University / Institution / College. If the research work is found satisfactory, his / her tenure will be extended further for a period of three years under the enhanced emoluments of the Rajiv Gandhi National Senior Research Fellowship ( RGNSRF ).

The recommendation of the Committee shall be submitted to the UGC for upgradation to the level of RGNSRF. The work done and the time spent on scholarships or fellowships of any agency other than the UGC will not be taken into account while considering the proposals for enhancement in the value of fellowship. The fellowship may be withdrawn if the work is not considered satisfactory or the candidate fails in any of the examinations related to Ph.D.

In case the work for the first two years is not found satisfactory, an additional year will be given to him / her for improvement. However, during this period he / she will be designated as Rajiv Gandhi National Junior Research Fellow. In such cases work will be evaluated again before third year of the tenure, and if improvement is found, the Fellow will get two more years under the RGNSRF. Thus, the total period of fellowship ( RGNJRF and RGNSRF ) is for five years, with no further provision of extension.

The fellow doing M.phil will be paid fellowship amount upto the period of 02 years or the date of dissertation whichever is earlier. The fellow doing Ph.D will be paid fellowship amount upto 5 years or the date of viva whichever is earlier.

The payment of fellowship for the gap period from M.Phil to Ph.D may be made and shall be counted in the total tenure of the fellowship i.e. for five years if the candidates are actually working in the university during the gap period. However the total period of the fellowship shall remain fiveyears. The gap period for the registration in Ph.d after completion of M.Phil is one year.

The Candidate would be eligible for following Financial Assistance :

Fellowship in Science,
Humanities and Social Science
@ Rs. 16000/- p.m. for initial two years
@ Rs. 18000/- p.m. for remaining tenure
Contingency A @ Rs. 10000/- p.a. for initial two years
@ Rs. 20500/- p.a. for remaining tenure
Humanities &
Social Sciences
Contingency B @ Rs. 12000/- p.a. for initial two years
@ Rs. 25000/- p.a. for remaining tenure
Science, Engg. &
Departmental Assistance @ Rs. 3000/-p.a. per student to the host
institution for providing infrastructure
All Subject
Escorts / Reader assistance @ Rs. 2000/- p.m. in cases of physically
handicapped & blind candidates
All Subject
HRAAs per rules of the University / InstitutionsAll Subject

Procedure for Applying for the Scheme

Applications are invited through online mode once in a year through advertisement in leading newspapers and Employment News. The same is also uploaded in the UGC Website The selection is made on the basis of merit and as per the procedure of the Commission.

Procedure for Approval of the UGC

Applications received will be scrutinized, and short listed by the Commission. The decision of the Commission will be final and binding. The Commission reserves the right to withdraw / cancel the award without assigning any reason. On completion of the above formalities, the Joining Report of the candidate, duly signed by the supervisor / head of department is to be sent to the UGC through the Registrar / Director / Principal. On receipt of the Joining Report and other required documents, the admissible grant for the first year will be released or the concerned university will be informed to release the grant from the funds already sanctioned by the Commission for this purpose.

Procedure for Monitoring the Progress of the Scheme

The fellow will undertake full-time research work under the approved guide in a subject selected by him and approved by the university/selection committee.

The fellow shall present to the university, through his / her supervisor, half-yearly progress reports ending the month of June and December, and the University / Institution / College will maintain a record of progress by obtaining the same.

If a fellow wishes to relinquish the fellowship during the tenure, it should be done with the prior approval of the University / Institution / College and the Commission. The fellow should also obtain prior permission of the University / Institution / College and Commission for appearing in any examination conducted by any University / Institution / College or public body.

The fellow shall not accept or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, or receive emoluments, salary, stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the award. The fellow, with the consent of the guide/head of department, may assist the University / Institution / College in its academic work, including tutorials, evaluation of test papers, laboratory demonstration work, seminar symposia, etc., provided such work is
not likely to hamper the research programme on hand.

The fellowship may be terminated at any time without assigning any reasons and the Commission’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding. No extension is permissible beyond the total period of five years and Awardee ceases to be a RGNJRF / RGNSRF immediately after expiry of the tenure.

Other Conditions

The University / Institution / College shall admit the fellows under RGNF scheme for research leading to M.Phil. or Ph.D. irrespective of the stipulated number of research students assigned to the Supervisor or the Department in the concerned subjects.

The Fellow will be permitted to transfer the fellowship from one University / Institution / College to another University / Institution / College under special circumstances with prior approval of the UGC on the basis of “No Objection Certificate” from both Universities / Institution / College. However, the Fellow shall be relieved by the previous University / Institution / College only after his accounts are settled and unspent balance if any, refunded to the UGC.

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  1. Respected sir/madam I was all ready selected for rgnf St-mad 2011-12 id no.11947 phd two year on 2013 it has been rgnjrf to rgnsrf 4 month all documents submitted. Canara bank 30 june 2015 .please help me.chagan Vasuniya govt.girls college ratlam vikram university Ujjain mp.

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    I was selected for RGNF-2014-15-ST category. It has been over 6 months I submitted all documents to the bank. I have not received a single amount till now. My ID number is RGNF-2014-15-ST-ORI-62775. Please help.

  5. respetedsir/madam Iam selectedRGNFdisabilities fellowship my rigistactionid RGNF-2014-15D-OBC-AND-81210.But didnotawadletter,lostweeksend mydetiles piese send my awadletter thanking you sir

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