Study Abroad Fellowships

Study Abroad Fellowships are designed to support a period overseas in a stimulating academic environment.

These differ from the Trust’s Research Fellowships in that the awards support a range of activities other than straight-forward research (e.g. the exchange of ideas, the development of new lines of research and collaborative ventures).


  • Must be resident in the UK at the time of application.
  • Should have held an established full-time post in a UK institution of higher education, or in a museum, art gallery or comparable institution for at least five years.
  • May not be registered for a degree, for doctoral studies, or for professional or vocational qualifications.


GK Question Bank CD
MBA Question Bank CD

The maximum value of a Fellowship is £22,000. Eligible costs include: reasonable replacement cover whilst the Fellow is overseas; travel to and within the overseas country or countries; a maintenance grant to meet the increased expense of living overseas; and essential research costs.

Application deadline for Study Abroad Fellowships : 4.00pm on 11 November  2010.

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