Young India Fellowships 2015

Young India Fellowships 2015 Eligibility :

YIF program is open to all young men and women with :

  • A recognized undergraduate or postgraduate degree
  • Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate and postgraduate degree
  • No more than 28 years of age on 31st May, 2014

The Fellowship promotes diversity and applicants from all areas of specialisation are encouraged to apply. While applicants who have been educated in a vernacular language as their medium of instruction are welcome, it is expected that they will be able to converse, read and write in English.

Young India Fellowships 2015 Description :

Given the unique nature of the program there is no “one” kind of profile for a Young India Fellow. However, the following points are being presented to give a broad idea of what we look for.

A Young India Fellow could be someone who has :

  • A deep – rooted ambition to solve problems and make an impact on society.
  • Passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social / business / academic implications.
  • The humility to believe that he / she needs to learn more.
  • The willingness to think differently and chart a new course.
  • A demonstrated ability to overcome challenges.
  • Qualities of integrity, self – awareness, energy, initiative and open – mindedness.
  • An above – average academic record.

Young India Fellowships 2015 Selection Process :

Applicants must submit a detailed application dossier. Each component of the application and the interview is important and the selection of the candidate for the program will be made considering a combination of many factors. The process will include evaluation of the submitted application, telephone interview, personal interview and a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

Submission of detailed application dossier :

Applicants can choose one of the following two ways to apply :

Apply online by registering himself / herself on the YIF website. Once registered a system generated e-mail will be sent to the registered email id of the applicant.
Download the application form from the YIF website. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email id of the applicant after receipt of the application.

How to Apply for Young India 2015 Fellowships :

The selection process will be carried out in three stages :

  1. Assessment on basis of submitted applications : All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee consisting of faculty and executive members of the program spread across different parts of the world. Hence, it is advisable that you apply online.
  2. Telephonic interview : Short – listed applicants will be interviewed on the telephone before being called for an in – person interview.
  3. In – person interview : First – round applicants who are short-listed will be interviewed in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore while the 2nd round applicants shortlisted for interview will be called to New Delhi. There could be multiple rounds of interviews for a candidate, depending on the need for further assessment. At this stage, applicants will also be administered a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

Final selection will be based on the applicant’s successful performance at all of these stages.

Young India Fellowships 2015 Application Deadline :

Name of the DisciplineGeneral SeatsSelf - financing Seats
General CategorySC CategoryST Category
I. College of Horticulture
Floriculture & Landscape Architecture21-3
Food Technology3--3
Fruit Science1112
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology3--2
Plant Pathology4--3
Seed Science & Technology21-1
Vegetable Science3--3
II. College of Forestry
Agricultural Economics11-1
Environmental Science3--2
Forest Genetic Resources1112
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants21-2
Natural Resource Economics2--1
Soil Science3--1
Wood Sciences & Technology1--1

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