Career in Telecommunications

Career in Telecommunications : : Aviation Telecommunications Employment Potential in Telecommunication sector is enormous. Everyone aspires to earn handsome money, but only a few knows how to get in to that field and what that is. Telecom is such a field which can pay very good. This is one of the fast growing fields in the world. India is the forth largest market in Asia. Telecommunication sector is also called “Lifeline of IT (Information Technology) Industry”. Indian Telecommunication Industry with about 465 million Phone Connections is the third largest Telecommunication network in the world and the second largest in terms […]

Career in Sculpture

Career in Sculpture : : Types of Sculpture | Study Centres of Fine Arts Courses Human beings have used different medium for communication to express their Internal Feelings, Imaginations, and thoughts since time immemorial. For these they had used line Drawings, Symbols, Motifs and Figurative manuscript in ancient period. In Stone Age they made their tools with stone for hunting. Later on the stone was used for expression of their intuitions and imaginations. The terracotta of different civilizations can explain their cultural development of that period. We have found so many terracotta figures from Indus Valley civilization which tells about […]

Career Opportunities in International Business

Career Opportunities in International Business : : International Business Institutes in India During the last two decades the world has witnessed a sea change in the international trade practices, processes and behaviour. Liberalization has opened new horizons of international trade for its huge potential market and has also opened vistas of foreign markets for its diversified product line. Though India’s foreign trade constitutes only 1% of the total world trade, the volume and diversity is significant. In 1991 when the new economic policy was introduced India’s export was merely $ 18 billion which surged to about $ 200 billion by […]

Career as a Beautician

Career as a Beautician : : Eligibility for Beautician Courses Beauty Therapy Hair Styling, Make-up, Massage, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Electrolysis, Herbal Beautycare. Physical beauty is one of the most enduring mysteries that have cast a spell on mankind since time immemorial. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the fabled beauty of Egypt, used to bathe in milk spiked with rose petals, which lent a softer tone to her skin. However, for all its enticing qualities, beauty is transient. Unless tended with utmost care, bodily beauty is bound to wither away as time flies by. Today, beautycare is a global multi-billion dollar […]

Announcing Career – Oriented Specialized PG training programmes from C – DAC

Announcing Career – Oriented Specialized PG training programmes from C – DAC   Courses Last Date of Application Date of CET Courses Commences Course Concludes PG Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC)&nbdp&nbdp CET1 : 11/10/2005 CET2 : 08/11/2005 15/10/2005 12/11/2005 13/02/2006 29/07/2006 PG Diploma in VLSI Design (DVLSI)&nbdp&nbdp 15/11/2005 19/11/2005 20/02/2006 05/08/2006 PG Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (DACA)&nbdp&nbdp 14/10/2005 14/10/2005 09/01/2006 03/06/2006 PG Diploma in Wireless & Mobile Computing (WiMC)&nbdp&nbdp 15/11/2005 19/11/2005 20/02/2006 05/08/2006   Supercomputers to world class technologies, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C – DAC) has been the pioneering force behind placing India on the […]

Ayurveda Career

Ayurveda Career in India – Ayurveda Career Scope – Ayurveda Job Description – Ayurveda Job Pay Scale – Ayurveda Career Outlook – Ayurveda Career Option – Ayurveda Career Knowledge – Ayurveda Career Education – Ayurveda Career Remuneration – Skills Required for Ayurveda Career – Jobs in Ayurveda

Electropathy Career

Electropathy Career in India – Electropathy Career Salary – Electropathy Job Description – Electropathy Career Education – Electropathy Career Prospects – Electropathy Career Info – Electropathy Career Goals – Electropathy Career Profile – Electropathy Career Details – Electropathy Job Requirements

Foreign Trade Career

Foreign Trade Career Info – Foreign Trade Career Skills – Foreign Trade Career Prospects – Vacancies in Foreign Trade – Foreign Trade Career Course – Foreign Trade Career Scope – Foreign Trade Career Pay – Foreign Trade Career Duties – Foreign Trade Job Responsibilities – Foreign Trade Career Growth

Radiography Career

Career of Radiography – Radiography Career Prospects – Radiography Career Benefits – Radiography Job Responsibilities – Radiography Career in India – Radiography Job Skills – Radiography Career Info – Radiography Career Outlook – Radiography Career Training – Radiography Career Goals – Radiography Career Pay