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GIFT School Softwares

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GIFT-MARP Mark Analysis & Rank Card Preparation Software

Main Features

Easy to use screen design to enter the marks of a particular exam -

    • Subject wise mark entry
    • Student wise Mark entry
  • Rank / Grade list preparation with in seconds with different order by options
  • Rank / Grade list For Entire classes
  • Rank / Grade List For selected divisions
  • Rank / Grade List for selected subjects
  • Mark Analysis with class Avg. / Division Avg. / Subject Avg. / Student Avg.
  • Exam wise class/ Division / Student Mark Comparison
  • Above or below class / Division Avg. Students list
  • Year wise student's performance
  • Graphical representation for comparison reports
  • Student list of entire school / Class / Division
  • Easy to use Promotion entry options
  • Any level of security settings
GIFT-MARP Mark Analysis & Rank Card Preparation Software - School Software

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