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About Rostock University

Tradition and innovation are the trademarks of our almost 600 – year history. Today, with 2,200 employees and 15,000 students, the University of Rostock offers fascinating perspectives into nearly all scientific fields. With the four profile lines Life, Light and Matter / Maritime Systems / Aging Science and Humanities / Knowledge – Culture – Transformation, the University of Rostock has at its disposal excellent interdisciplinary research fields in the areas of natural and technological sciences, medicine, life sciences, humanities and cultural studies. The standard set for all our actions : we want to impress with our performance.

The Hanseatic university city of Rostock is a great place to study, research and live. The economic and scientific centre of the North – East is very enticing, with all the atmosphere of a major city in the middle of one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Germany. Discover our benefits for yourself! We look forward to seeing you.


  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Theological Faculty
  • Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

Research Centers

Research at the University of Rostock means successful interdisciplinary cooperation in various scientific fields. Side by side with the two Fraunhofer institutes, the Max-Planck-Institute of Demographic Research, the Leibnitz Institutes and the Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals, Rostock’s Alma Mater is the centre of a fruitful research environment. It offers an excellent research climate to its researchers and junior researchers in all fields, from humanities to natural sciences and engineering or life sciences.

Particular emphasis is put on promoting young researchers which is, for example, testified by the five post graduate programs.

The high research activity results into a great variety of projects in local, national and international networks. In addition, the University of Rostock is distinguished by an extraordinary research quality related to its academic profiling, the two collaborative research centres and three research groups.

In addition to further development and advancement of its profile-creating research fields, the University of Rostock is particularly concerned to strengthen the co-operation in the scientific and business sector and to implement its scientific findings in profitable way.

Contact Information

University of Rostock,
18051 Rostock,
Phone No. : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 0,
Website :

Rector’s office
Rektor Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck,
Ulmenstraße 69, building no. 3,
18057 Rostock,
Phone No. : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 1005,
Fax : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 1006,
Email :

Press and communication office
Head : Dr. Ulrich Vetter,
Ulmenstraße 69, building no. 3,
18057 Rostock,
Phone No. : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 1013,
Fax : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 1032,
Email :

Students advisory service
Head : Anne-Katrin Nörenberg,
Parkstraße 6,
18057 Rostock,
Phone No. : +49 (0) 381 498-1253,
Email :

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science,
Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 6,
18059 Rostock,
Phone No. : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 3001,
Fax : +49 ( 0 ) 381 498 – 3002,
Email :

Faculty of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
Albert-Einstein-Straße 2,
18059 Rostock.

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