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The ENPC MBA Paris is an internationally accredited business school located in the heart of Paris. We pride ourselves on the quality of the programs we offer, on the quality of our faculty who come from all corners of the world to teach in our programs, on the quality of our highly diverse student body, on the quality and commitment of our staff, as well as on our ability to get to know each and every student who comes to our school.

The Business School has been delivering MBAs and management programs since 1987 with nearly 6,000 graduates to date of our programs in Paris and around the world.

The ENPC MBA’s approach is based on that of our alma mater or mother school, the ENPC, which was created by royal decree of King Louis XV in 1747. The School is one of France’s Grandes Ecoles, renowned for the excellence of its education around the world. While still strong in all areas of civil, mechanical and material engineering, the ENPC is increasingly known for its programs on sustainability and the high number of students that go on to finance careers. The ENPC is now called Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, after it joined the association of leading engineering schools in the Paris regions ParisTech.

The ENPC MBA is accredited by AMBA, the International Association of MBAs. Until the Financial Times recently changed its ranking system to favor large schools who have many permanent professors, the School was ranked among the top 100 MBAs worldwide and is still considered so by people in the know. In September 2010, the Economist published its ranking of MBAs and the ENPC MBA Paris emerged as the 20th leading MBA in continental Europe and the only MBA based in Paris’s city center. We are happy to be recognized by the rankings but we know that the true quality of a program is difficult to capture in a ranking. We continue to believe that ensuring small class sizes, inviting the best professors we can find wherever they are in the world, promoting diversity through multicultural participants with a variety of backgrounds, and pricing our programs modestly is the winning formula to providing the best educational experience possible. And that, simply, is what we strive to do day in and day out, year in and year out.

ENPC Faculty and Research

The ENPC MBA Paris prides itself on the quality and experience of its teaching and its professorship. The extremely high majority of visiting faculty represent a remarkably diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds and ensure that all our students benefit from the most up to date and relevant academic concepts and their real-world applications.

All of the School´s professors come from first class universities and business schools around the globe and are held to the same high academic standards. Because the faculty members, themselves, are internationally diverse in terms of their cultural, geographic and business perspectives, our students benefit from a real exchange of philosophies and cultures which adds a unique multicultural dimension to their studies.

Each fall, incoming students are assigned an Academic Advisor, a member of the permanent faculty. The role of the academic advisor is complex. In the beginning, he / she is responsible for analyzing where participants may have gaps in their knowledge and ensuring that they receive extra help and support. Also, depending on each students stated personal and professional objectives, the Academic Advisor guides him / her in the selection of elective courses. Towards the end of the academic year, when participants begin focusing on their final Professional Project, academic advisors are also available to discuss ideas with students and provide them with useful resources and guidance.

ENPC programs

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  • Executive MBA
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1. MBA

  • International business
  • Technology&Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Tri – Continent
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2. Executive MBA

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3. Executive Education

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  • Enterprise Risk Management Cycle
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4. Undergraduate Programs

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5. Sister Programs

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6. Exchange Programs

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Beyond a traditional MBA, ENPC MBA participants benefit from a multicultural experience due to international faculty and students and can choose from 4 specializations :

  • International business
  • Technology&Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • TriContinent

Located in the heart of Paris, the ENPC School of International Management has been offering full time MBAs since 1987. Founded by Celia Russo, later appointed to France’s Legion of Honor, the MBA program has always been rooted in a true multicultural experience, inviting visiting international faculty from leading universities and business schools from around the world, and has accentuated the human dimension with Celia’s vision of “business to create a better world.”

The ENPC MBA in Paris now offers four internationally accredited full time programs :

The MBA in International Business offers individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds the opportunity to acquire new business skills and to boost their international careers.

In addition to traditional MBA courses, the MBA in Technology and Entrepreneurship allows individuals to participate in a rich range of courses with a technological and entrepreneurial focus.

With the MBA in Enterprise Risk Management, participants benefit from the latest research on how to manage and anticipate risks in a rapidly changing world.
The Tri Continent MBA takes students on a life changing educational voyage from Paris to Philadelphia to Tokyo and Shanghai.

All programs are structured in a similar manner with core courses ensuring the acquisition and assimilation of business fundamentals, followed by elective courses in which participants play an active role in designing their own curriculum based on their personal preferences and career objectives.

Whichever program you choose, you are sure to benefit from the recognized high quality of the ENPC School of International Management’s visiting faculty, leading academic concepts and real world best practices, a prime location in the heart of Paris, and a life changing multicultural experience.

1. MBA in International business

The MBA in International Business is not just another MBA. It is a singular learning experience for people seeking an intellectual challenge within a stimulating multicultural environment. ‘Value driven global leadership’ is a principle that reflects the ENPC MBA Paris philosophy and mission in the world’s business environment.

Located in the center of Paris, the ENPC MBA Paris is a highly international, flexible and personalized program and can be taken on a full-time or part time basis. All courses are taught in English.

2. MBA in Technology and Entrepreneurship

The ENPC MBA Paris offers students a unique opportunity to earn, on a part time or full time basis, their MBA with a specialization in Technology and Entrepreneurship.

In addition to studying traditional core MBA courses, participants may participate in a rich range of courses with a technological and entrepreneurial focus. Those courses include: Strategies for e-Business, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing of High Tech Products, Innovation Management, Venture Capital / Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategic Creativity, IT Management, Business Planning and New Venture Creation, Valuation of Innovative Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Typically participants of the MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship are forward-thinking ‘ideas people’ with a strong interest in setting up their own business, in gaining expert knowledge about product innovation, development and design or, in evolving from technology specialist to technology manager. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds – finance, engineering, IT, marketing & communications, telecommunications, transportation, media, logistics, and software.

3. MBA in Enterprise Risk Management

Over the last few years, some of the world’s events have shown the crucial importance for decision makers to effectively manage risks wich have caused enormous damage to the global economy and the reputation of firms:

Financial risks, such as those due to 2008 sub primes crisis,
Technological risks, eg the 2010 BP oil spill,
Natural hazards, like those caused by the 2011 tsunami in Japan, etc.

Due to environmental, market and societal dynamics, companies and organizations have been facing increasing complexity in formulating strategies, implementing decisions and managing operations. Identifying business opportunities and taking risk are quite unavoidable when managing a company and trying to sustain its business in a rapidly changing world.

As such, risk management has always been an integral part of a manager’s remit. However, managing the various types of risks, from a technology failure to a terrorism threat, and their potential corporate impact requires specific skills. The latter include managers’ ability to perceive weak signals, make sense of a certain situation and assess its associated risk.

In order to provide these skills to high potential professionals, the ENPC MBA Paris has decided to introduce in its MBA program a new specialization track in “Enterprise Risk management”. It will be offered in cooperation with the Ecole des Mines ParisTech, another prestigious Grande Ecole which created 13 years ago the first research centre in France fully dedicated to risk and crisis management.

4. Tri Continent MBA

The Tri Continent MBA is a program of study delivered in English through a partnership between the ENPC MBA Paris, the Fox School of Business at Temple University ( Philadelphia and Tokyo ) and SIMBA ENPC MBA in Shanghai ( China ). It provides students with access to the exceptional faculty and resources of both institutions, each of which has a tradition of excellence and a commitment to student centered education, learning in action, and global perspectives.

Students who graduate from the joint Tri Continent MBA program will be awarded the MBA degree of each institution and become a member of the alumni networks of both schools. This program offers students a unique opportunity to leverage an internationally recognized degree from prestigious institutions in both Europe and the United States.

Join a multicultural team of professionals for a year of global exposure

Imagine yourself in Paris, Philadelphia, Tokyo and Shanghai, building global business acumen through a worldwide study sequence, supported by a diverse, talented group of Tri Continent MBA classmates.

Immerse yourself in three metropolitan environments, each with a distinct culture and set of business practices, and engage business leaders and mentors in each location of study.

Invite the adventure of managing daily life in three cities, learning at three institutions and witnessing first hand the process of global business development as you team up with classmates to build strategic business plans for the international growth of client companies in an award-winning management consulting practicum experience.

Gain a top quality international MBA with a truly global perspective

Contacts of Enpc School Of International Management France

Location : Enpc School Of International Management, Ecole Nationale Des Ponts Et Chaussées, 28, Rue Des Saints – pères, 75343, Paris Cedex 07, France
Contact No. : ( 33 ) 1 44 58 28 52 – ( 33 ) 1 40 15 93 47,
Email : admissions@enpcmbaparis.com
Website : http://www.enpcmbaparis.com.

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