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The University of Deusto was inaugurated in 1886. The concerns and cultural interest of the Basque Country in having their own university, as well as the interest of the Jesuits in establishing higher studies in some part of the Spanish State coincided in its conception. Bilbao, a seaport and commercial city which was undergoing considerable industrial growth during that era, was chosen as the ideal location.

Bilbao is the centre of a metropolitan area with more than one million inhabitants, a city traditionally open to Europe. It is also an important harbour and a commercial and financial centre of the Basque Country and the north of Spain. In September of 1997, the city underwent a significant transformation under the emblematic symbol of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. The central headquarters of the University of Deusto is located on the opposite side of the estuary, facing the Guggenheim Museum.

In 1916, the “Universidad Comercial de Deusto” received a group of students who would be the first graduates in Economic Sciences in Spain, 25 years before this degree was officially recognised.

In 1963, the Institute of University and Technical Studies of Guipuzcoa in San Sebastian was formed by the integration of three already – existing entities. This institute, years later, would form a part of the University of Deusto. Therefore, the University is located on two campuses, in the two coastal capitals of the Basque Country: Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Beyond individual projects and research which is co-ordinated from chairs such as Law and the Human Genome, Leisure and Disabilities, there is a clear option for the social topics of interdependency, distribution of resources, migration, human rights, development, poverty and environment, ethics and society at the university. Studies on cultural identity ( individual and collective ), and European integration processes are being carried out by various international research groups.

The University of Deusto is striving for internationalisation, without excluding other regions, and demonstrates a clear commitment to Europe and Latin America, having signed agreements with more than 200 universities.

Approximately 1,300 students and 50 professors take part in mobility programs. The faculties, institutes and schools are also involved in intensive programs, European modules and joint curricular designs at various levels, as they participate in cross – border activities, integrated languages, ODL and Leonardo programs. The entire University adopted the European credit system in 1994, and works to promote it and improve its quality. Deusto was the first European university to extend the European credits to all its faculties.

Universidad Comercial De Deusto Program  :

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations
  • BA in International Relations + BA in Law
  • BA in Law
  • BA in Law + Specialism in Economics
  • BA in Business Administration
  • Business Administration + Leadership Development Program ( Deusto Degree )
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Social Education
  • BA in Primary Education ( Specialism in a Foreign Language : English and Special Educational Needs )
  • BA in Social Work
  • BA in Tourism
  • BA in Modern Languages and Management
  • BA in Modern Languages ( English Studies, Hispanic Studies, Literary Studies and Linguistics Studies )
  • BA in Basque Philology
  • BA in Humanities ( History; Philosophy and History of Religions )
  • Baccalaureatum in Theology
  • BSc in Computer Engineering
  • BSc in Industrial Technology Engineering
  • BSc in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
  • BSc in Industrial Management Engineering
  • BSc in Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Double Degree in Business Administration + Law
  • Double Degree in Business Administration + Industrial Technology Engineering

Online Master’s degrees

Area of Law

Own Degrees :

  • Specialisation Diploma in Regional Civil Law of the Basque Country
  • Specialisation Course in The Insolvency Act
  • Specialisation Course in Public Sector Contracts

Area of Education

Official Master’s Degrees :

  • Master’s degree in Management and Administration of Educational Establishments

Own Degrees :

  • Specialisation Diploma in Management and Administration of Educational Establishments
  • Specialisation course in People and Team Management in Organisations
  • Specialisation course in Team Management and Leadership
  • Specialisation course in Assessment of Basic Competences in Primary and Secondary Education
  • Specialisation course in Management of Educational Establishments through their Structures and Projects
  • Specialisation course in Resource Management in Educational Establishments
  • Specialisation course in Change and Innovation Management in Educational Establishments

Area of International and Intercultural Studies

Own Degrees :

  • Specialisation diploma in European Integration

Area of Psychology
Own Degrees :

  • Specialisation diploma in Family Therapy ( EVNTF )
  • Specialisation Course in Clinical Management in Mental Health Services ( OMIE Foundation )

*The implementation of these official Graduate degrees is pending on the verification process currently underway.

PhD Programs

Doctoral Programs

  • Doctorate in Social Sciences
  • Doctorate in Business Competitiveness and Economic Development
  • Doctorate in International and Intercultural Studies
  • Doctorate in Fundamentals of Law, Economic Law and Business Law
  • Doctorate in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Doctorate in Educational Innovation and Lifelong Learning
  • Doctorate in Leisure and Human Development
  • Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Doctorate in Experimental Psychology
  • Doctorate in Transnational Trade Law.


Application and enrollment : postgraduate programs

  • Deadlines : From 15 March to 15 June ( Candidates are advised to check with the secretary of the program as deadlines may vary ). Courses with places available may extend the deadline for application for admission.
  • Please note the documents required for application :
    Application form
    How to enter postgraduate programs
    How to legalise foreign documents

  • Where to submit the required documents : At the General Secretariat of the campus where the program concerned is taught.
  • Notification : All candidates will be notified of admissions decisions by post.

Further information at the General Secretariat.


The first enrollment period is from 2 to 20 July 2012.

The second enrollment period is from 24 to 28 September (for students completing their entry requirements in September).
Check the deadlines for postgraduate programs that do not follow the general academic calendar on the webpage for each degree program.

Check for details and how to enroll at the General Secretariat.


  • Fees postgraduate studies
  • Fees Master’s degree programs ( official Spanish diploma )
  • Fees Deusto postgraduate degree programs

Deusto Business School

The program offered by Deusto Business School have specific application procedures and fees, according to the program. Further information at www.dbs.deusto.es.

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