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On the front page of the day TODAY November 4, 1968, opening day of the first university in the region, the Faculty of Badajoz part of the University of Seville, appeared in the style of the period, the following grandiloquent : “Extremadura has not known during the long years of peace of Franco, most historical day than today. The university for which he fought so desperately the present generation opens its doors for the redemptive instrument in the region and trigger leading to material and cultural promotion. ”

In 1971 the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the College of Arts of Cáceres, attached to the University of Salamanca. The granting of this college was not without impediments from both the Ministry and by the University of Salamanca, which resisted its dismemberment, and only thanks to the perseverance of local and provincial authorities, was able to overcome all obstacles that occurred during the process. On October 16, 1971, at the National High School Institute “The Brocense” took place the opening ceremony of the College and the blessing of the building “Valhondo Calaff”, based at University College.

Other secondary schools ( as the Normal Schools of Education of Cáceres and Badajoz ) were incorporated into the University in 1972 as University Schools of Primary Teacher, following the entry into force of Decree arising from the passage of the Education Act 1970. Badajoz School was integrated into the University of Sevilla and Cáceres in Salamanca. The same happened with the Intermediate Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of Badajoz, also created in 1968, and that would be renamed College of Agricultural Engineering in 1972.

This was mainly because the university landscape in the region prior to the creation of the entire University of Extremadura ( UEX ): two universities with studies today are called long cycle ( the Faculty of Badajoz and College Arts of Cáceres ) and three university colleges, two of Primary Teacher and Agricultural Engineering. Cáceres centers were affiliated to the University of Salamanca and Badajoz, to Seville.

Under Graduate Program :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management Innovation
  • Bachelor’s degree in Design
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Digital Communities
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Double degree in Business Administration and Management Innovation + Tourism and Leisure Management.

Master Degree Program :

  • Master Degree in Information and Communication Technology
  • Master Degree in Health and Life Science
  • Master Degree in Translation and Language Science
  • Master Degree in Law
  • Master Degree in Economic and Business Science.
  • Master Degree in Education
  • Master Degree in Humanities and History
  • Master Degree in Political and Social Science
  • Master Degree in Communication.

Doctoral programs

Procedures and information

  • Projects Doctoral Thesis Thesis and processing
  • Procedure for the Degree of Doctor
  • Extraordinary Doctoral Awards
  • Title of Doctor Approval
  • Scholarships and grants for PhD students

Admission to the Universidad de Extremadura for foreign students

Foreign students who fulfil the following requirements can request admission to Bachelor’s Degree studies at the Universidad de Extremadura :

  1. Students from education systems of European Union member States or other States with which Spain has signed International Agreements in this regard ( the Principality of Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the People’s Republic of China ) and who meet the requirements demanded in their home countries for access to university.
  2. Students from foreign educational systems who have passed the University entrance examination, after having requested official recognition of a certificate from their home country as equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate.
  3. People who have an official university diploma for a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent qualification.
  4. Students who have taken partial university studies abroad or studies which, although complete, have not been officially recognised in Spain and who wish to continue their studies at a Spanish university. In this case it will be an essential requirement that at least 30 credits from the studies taken previously are recognised.

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