World’s Super Scientists – Sir C.V. Raman

Sir C.V. Raman Biography The Man of  Science  – Sir C.V. RamanWorld’s Super Scientists – Sir C.V. Raman Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (1888 to 1970) was born at Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu in 1888. It is almost a house-hold name in India reverberating ‘Raman Effect ‘. Scientist C.V.Raman passed MA in January 1907 topping the list and walking away with prizes. Scientist C.V.Raman thought was research-oriented, right from the college days in Presidency College, Madras. His first research paper was on diffraction of light. In 1907 after passing Indian Civil Service (ICS) examination he became the Deputy Accountant General in Calcutta. He was […]