NEST 2017 Biology Syllabus

NEST 2017 Biology Syllabus Cell Biology : Cell theory and cells as unit of life. Basic concepts of biomolecules – Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic acids. Tools and techniques of cell studies – use of microscope and calibration ( microscopy ), elements of microscope. Biomembranes – transport mechanism, cellular respiration. Cell organelles – structure and functions. Discovery and structure of DNA, processes of replication, transcription, genetic code and translation. Principles of the basic techniques in molecular biology. Enzymes – catalysis, kinetics, activation energy, competitive and non – competitive inhibition. Genetics and Evolution : Fundamentals of genetics and evolution. Evidences and theories […]

NEST Syllabus 2017

NEST 2017 Syllabus The syllabus for NEST 2017 primarily follows the NCERT / CBSE science syllabus of class XI-XII. The detailed syllabus for NEST examination is provided at the end of this document. The syllabus can also be downloaded on the website under the ‘Syllabus’ tab. There is, however, no specific syllabus for the general section. This section tests candidate’s familiarity with, but not detailed understanding of, major historical milestones in subjects like astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science and environmental science. Questions will be designed to test analytic abilities and comprehension of scientific passages. Some of the […]