UPSEE UG Biology Syllabus 2017

UPSEE 2017 Biology Syllabus for UG Paper – 2 ( Physics, Chemistry & Biology ) : Zoology : Origin of Life : Oparin’s theory, Miller’s Experiment, Viruses – structure, properties, distribution, classification and pathogenesis ( Eg. AIDS, CANCER ), Viroids & Prions, Biotic balance. Organic Evolution : Relationship among organisms and Evidences of organic Evolution – Principles of Evolution – Lamarkism, Darwinism and Speciation. Mechanism of Organic Evolution : Variations – Definition, causes and types, Mutations (Principles of Hugo de’veries), Role of mutations in speciation. Evolution through ages and human evolution. Human Genetics and Eugenics : Human hereditary traits, study […]

UPSEE PG MBA / MCA Aptitude Test Syllabus 2017

UPSEE PG 2017 MBA / MCA Aptitude Test Syllabus Paper – 9 ( Aptitude Test for MBA ) The test is aimed at evaluating the verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical & abstract reasoning and knowledge of current affairs. The following is a brief description of contents of the test paper. Section A ( English Language ) : Grammar, vocabulary, uncommon words, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, relationship between words & phrases and comprehension of passages. Section B ( Numerical Aptitude ) : Numerical calculation, arithmetic, simple algebra, geometry and trigonometry, Interpretation of graphs, charts and tables. Section C ( Thinking and […]