Uttar Pradesh Technical University State Entrance Exam 2018

UPSEE Entrance Exam 2018 Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam ( UPSEE ) invites admission Application for B. Tech, B.Pharm, B.Arch, BHMCT , BFAD, BFA, MCA, MBA   programs for the academic session 2018 – 2019. UPSEE First Year Admission 2018 The Entrance Examination for admission to first year of the following courses offered at the Institutions affiliated to AKTU, Lucknow including other mentioned universities situated in territory of Uttar Pradesh for the academic year 2018 – 2019 shall be conducted by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. 4 years B.Tech. / B.Tech. ( Ag. Engg. ) Course 4 years B.Tech ( Biotechnology […]

UPTU SEE Counselling 2018

UPSEE 2018 Counselling Successful candidates will be required to participate in the counselling process. The information about Counselling procedure, Counselling Schedule and all relevant information regarding counselling etc., will be notified on the website https://aktu.ac.in or www.upsee.nic.in. ..

UPSEE Syllabus 2018

UPSEE 2018 Syllabus UG Syllabus UP SEE Physics Syllabus UP SEE Chemistry Syllabus UP SEE Mathematics Syllabus UP SEE Biology Syllabus UP SEE Agricultural Physics, Chemistry Syllabus UP SEE Aptitude Test in Architecture Syllabus PG Syllabus UP SEE Aptitude Test for MBA / MCA Syllabus ..

UPSEE Results 2018

UPSEE 2018 Results UPSEE Exam Date UPSEE ( paper 1 paper 2  paper 3 paper 4 ) Entrance Exam Date : 29th April, 2018. UPSEE ( paper 5, paper 6,  paper 7, paper 8 ) Entrance Exam Date : 5th May, 2018. UPSEE ( paper 9, paper 10,  paper 11 ) Entrance Exam Date : 6th May, 2018. UPSEE Result Date UPSEE Entrance Exam Results has been declared https://erp.aktu.ac.in/WebPages/Public/UPSEE/frmPrintUPSEEResult.aspx ..

UPSEE UG Architecture Aptitude Test 2018

UPSEE 2018 Architecture Aptitude Test Part A : Mathematics & Asethetic Sensitivity Mathematics Algebra : Sets relations & functions, De-Morgan’s Law, Mapping Inverse relations, Equivalence relations, Peano’s axioms, Definition of rationals and integers through equivalence relation, Indices and surds, Solutions of simultaneous and quadratic equations, A.P., G.P. and H.P., Special sums i.e. ∑n2 and ∑n3 ( n∑N ), Partial fraction, Binomial theorem for any index, exponential series, Logarithm and Logarithmic series. Determinants and their use in solving simultaneous linear equations, Matrices, Algebra of matrices, Inverse of a matrix, Use of matrix for solving equations.  Probability : Definition, Dependent and independent […]

UPSEE UG Agricultural Physics, Chemistry Syllabus 2018

UPSEE 2018 Agricultural Physics, Chemistry Syllabus Paper – 3 ( AG – I, II & III ) AG – I : Agricultural Physics and Chemistry Agricultural Physics Unit, measurement, Vernier, screw gauge, Force-analysis, force parallelogram, momentum of force, equilibrium of forces, velocity and acceleration, speed, laws of motion, gravitational motion, acceleration due to gravity, circular motion, Centrifugal and centripetal forces, pressure, Capillary force and tension, atmospheric surface-barometer, Boyle’s law, friction and simple example of its laws, Working of common pumps, operation, performance, power and energy, heat and temperature, radiation, convection and conduction, heat conductance, specific heat in relation to solids, physical […]

UPSEE PG MBA / MCA Aptitude Test Syllabus 2018

UPSEE 2018 MBA / MCA Aptitude Test Syllabus Paper – 9 ( Aptitude Test for MBA ) The test is aimed at evaluating the verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical & abstract reasoning and knowledge of current affairs. The following is a brief description of contents of the test paper.  Section A ( English Language ) : Grammar, vocabulary, uncommon words, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, relationship between words & phrases and comprehension of passages. Section B ( Numerical Aptitude ) : Numerical calculation, arithmetic, simple algebra, geometry and trigonometry, Interpretation of graphs, charts and tables. Section C ( Thinking and Decision […]

UPSEE UG Physics Syllabus 2018

UPSEE UG 2018 Physics Syllabus Paper – 1 ( Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics ) Section A – Physics Measurement : Dimensional analysis and error estimation, dimensional compatibility and significant figures. Motion in one dimension : Average velocity, instantaneous velocity, one-dimensional motion with constant accelerations, freely falling bodies. Laws of Motion : Force and inertia, Newton’s laws of motion, and their significance. Motion in two dimensions : Projectile motion, uniform circular motion, tangential and radial acceleration in curve-linear motion, relative motion and relative acceleration. Work, Power and Energy : Work done by a constant and variable forces, kinetic and potential energy, […]