West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination – WBJEE 2018

WBJEE Entrance Exam 2018 West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board ( WBJEE  ) invites admission Application for BE / B.Tech / B.Arch. / B.Pharm and MBBS / BDS programs for the academic session 2018 – 2019. The WBJEE 2018 examination will be conducted on four subjects : Mathematics Physics and Chemistry. WBJEEM 2018 Exam Pattern WBJEE Question Pattern Questions will be based on the Syllabus for WBJEE 2018 as given in In every subject, all questions will be of Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ ) type, with four options against each of the questions. There will be three categories of questions in […]

WBJEE Biological Science Syllabus 2018

WBJEE 2018 Syllabus for Biological Science Plants Movements of water, nutrients and gases : Absorption of gases, water and nutrients; cell-to-cell transport, diffusion, active transport; plant-water relation- imbibitions, water potential, osmosis and plasmolysis; long distance transport- apoplasitc, symplastic, root pressure, transpiration pull, uptake of minerals; transpiration and gullation; opening and closing of stomata; transport through xylem and phloem Essential minerals : Macro and micro nutrients and their functions; elementary idea of hydroponics; nitrogen metabolism; nitrogen cycle; biological nitrogen fixation Respiration : Cellular respiration – glycolysis, fermentation, TCA cycle and ETS ( aerobic )- definition, process and significance; energy relation – […]

WBJEE Chemistry Syllabus 2018

WBJEE 2018 Syllabus for Chemistry Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic : Dalton’s atomic theory; Gay Lussac’s law of gaseous volume; Avogadro’s Hypothesis and its applications. Atomic mass; Molecular mass; Equivalent weight; Valency; Gram atomic weight; Gram molecular weight; Gram equivalent weight and mole concept; Chemical formulae; Balanced chemical equations; Calculations ( based on mole concept ) involving common oxidation – reduction, neutralization, and displacement reactions; Concentration in terms of mole fraction, molarity, molality and normality. Percentage composition, empirical formula and molecular formula; Numerical problems. Atomic Structure : Concept of Nuclear Atom – electron, proton and neutron ( charge and mass […]

WBJEE Physics Syllabus 2018

WBJEE 2018 Syllabus for Physics Physical World, Measurements, Units & dimensions : Physical World, Measurements, Units & dimensions Units & Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis & its applications, error in measurements, significant  figures. Kinematics : Scalars & vectors, representation of vectors in 3D, dot & cross product & their applications, elementary differential & integral calculus, time-velocity & relevant graphs, equations of motion with uniform acceleration. Laws of motion : Newton’s laws of motion, using algebra & calculus, inertial & non inertial frames, conservation of linear momentum with applications, elastic & inelastic collisions, impulse centripetal force, banking of roads, relative […]

WBJEE Mathematics Syllabus 2018

WBJEE 2018 Syllabus for Mathematics Algebra : A.P., G.P., H.P. : Definitions of A. P. and G.P.; General term; Summation of first n-terms of series Σn, Σn²,Σn3 ; Arithmetic / Geometric series, A.M., G.M. and their relation; Infinite G.P. series and its sum. Logarithms: Definition ; General properties; Change of base. Complex Numbers : Definition and properties of complex numbers; Complex conjugate; Triangle inequality; Square root of complex numbers; Cube roots of unity; De Moivre’s theorem ( statement only ) and its elementary applications. Solution of quadratic equation in complex number system. Quadratic Equations : Quadratic equations with real coefficients; […]

WBJEE Bank Branches 2018

List of WBJEEM 2018 Allahabad Bank Branches Payment through Allahabad Bank e – Challan :  The Examination Fees can be paid in cash less mode by ‘Net Banking’ / ‘Debit Card’ / ‘Credit Card’ or in cash using “Allahabad Bank” e – challan, which will be automatically generated for downloading once the same option is selected. The candidate has to take a print of the challan and deposit the fees in cash in any branch of Allahabad Bank with Core Banking Services ( CBS ). After payment, the candidate has to login to the system and upload the details written […]

WBJEE Eligibility 2018

  WBJEE 2018 Eligibility Citizenship Applicant must be a citizen of India. WBJEE 2018 Age Restriction The lower age limit is 17 ( seventeen ) years as on 31st December, 2018. There is no upper age limit in appearing in the WBJEE 2018. A candidate born on or after 1st January, 2000 is not eligible to appear in the WBJEE 2018. However, for admission to the degree level Marine Engineering Course The lower age limit is 17 ( seventeen ) years as on 31st December, 2018 and the upper age limit is 25 Years as on 31st December, 2018.  Residential / Domicile […]