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Telecommunication Engineering Course

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Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication Engineers deal with systems, satellite, T.V. Radar, Navigation etc.. As the systems are fairly new, there are bugs to work out, but also has tremendous opportunities to improve the network. The students of telecommunication engineering, as with other engineering disciplines, learn science and math, but the courses and labs emphasize how to apply this knowledge to industrial situations. By this practical approach, these engineers gain technical skills that are both highly developed and extensive. These engineers are also well indoctrinated in "people-oriented" skills like public speaking, project management, and technical writing, enabling them to be effective communicators. In addition, required electronic courses in the curriculum provide a strong background in computer hardware and C-language programming.


All type of information and transmission networks.

Countries and continents have been brought closer by means of fast emanating, information carrying, communication networks.

All this has been made possible by the telecommunication engineers, who are involved with establishing communication by means of telephones, telegraphs, radar, radio, radio navigational aids, TV and teleprinters.

Course :

The course content of this programme includes a thorough grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects, communication and control systems, computers, micro electronics, radar and television engineering and micro wave communication.

Employment opportunities in Telecommunication Engineering : The Telecommunications and Network Engineering Technology curriculum prepares individuals for positions in the telecommunication networking industry. This curriculum develops the knowledge to design, build, install, test, troubleshoot, repair, and modify telecommunication and network systems. Graduates are ready for entry level employment with companies which use public and private telecommunications systems, or which sell goods or services in support of telecommunications operations. The explosive growth of telecommunications has created a great demand for specialists in that field. To be specific these engineers finds employment in Broad casting Sector, Electronics and Mars communication sector, With Government and manufacturing sector.

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