UGC National Eligibility Test NET : UGC NET January 2017 Management Syllabus

UGC NET January 2017 Management Syllabus


Code No. : 17 CBSE NET January 2017 Management Syllabus

Subject : Management ( including Business Administration Management / Marketing / Marketing Management / Industrial Relations and Personnel Management., etc ).

Note :

There will be two question papers, UGC NET Management Paper II and Paper III ( Part – A & B ). UGC NET Management Paper II will cover 50 Objective Type Questions ( Multiple choice, Matching type, True / False, Assertion – Reasoning type ) carrying 100 marks.

UGC NET Management Paper III will have two Parts – A and B; UGC NET Management Paper III ( A ) will have 10 short essay type questions ( 300 words ) carrying 16 marks each. In it there will be one question with internal choice from each unit ( i.e. 10 question from 10 units; Total marks will be 160 ).

UGC NET Management Paper III ( B ) will be compulsory and there will be one question from each of the Electives. The candidate will attempt only one question ( one elective only in 800 words ) carrying 40 marks. Total marks of UGC NET Management Paper III will be 200.

UGC NET Management Paper II & Paper III ( A ) [ Core Group ]

Unit – I

  • Managerial Economics – Demand Analysis
  • Production Function
  • Cost – Output Relations
  • Market Structures
  • Pricing Theories
  • Advertising
  • Macro – Economics
  • National Income Concepts
  • Infrastructure – Management and Policy
  • Business Environment
  • Capital Budgeting

Unit – II

  • The concept and significance of organisational behaviour – Skills and Roles in an organisation – Classical, Neo – Classical and Modern Theories of Organisational Structure – Organisational Design – Understanding and Managing individual behaviour personality – Perception – Values – Attitudes – Learning – Motivation.
  • Understanding and Managing Group Behaviour, Processes – Inter – personal and group dynamics – Communication – Leadership – Managing change – Managing conflicts.
  • Organisational Development.

Unit – III

  • Concepts and perspectives in HRM; HRM in changing environment.
  • Human Resource Plarming – Objectives, Process and Techniques.
  • Job analysis – Job Description.
  • Selecting Human Resources.
  • Induction, Training and Development.
  • Exit policy and Implications.
  • Performance Appraisal and Evaluation.
  • Potential Assessment.
  • Job Evaluation.
  • Wage Determination.
  • Industrial Relations and Trade Unions.
  • Dispute Resolution and Grievance Management.
  • Labour Welfare and Social Security Measures.

Unit – IV

  • Financial Management – Nature and Scope.
  • Valuation Concepts and Valuation of Securities.
  • Capital Budgeting Decisions – Risk Analysis.
  • Capital Structure and Cost of Capital.
  • Dividend Policy – Determinants.
  • Long – Term and Short – Term Financing Instruments.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

Unit – V

  • Marketing Environment and Environment Scanning; Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research; Understanding Consumer and Industrial Markets; Demand Measurement and Forecasting; Market Segmentation – Targeting and Positioning; Product Decisions, Product mix, Product Life Cycle; New Product Development; Branding and Packaging; Pricing Methods and Strategies.
  • Promotion Decisions – Promotion mix; Advertising; Personal Selling; Channel Management; Vertical Marketing Systems; Evaluation and Control of Marketing Effort; Marketing of Services; Customer Relation Management;
  • Uses of Internet as a Marketing Medium – Other related issues like branding, market development, Advertising and retailing on the net.
  • New issues in Marketing.

Unit – VI

  • Role and Scope of Production Management; Facility Location; Layout Planning and Analysis; Production Planning and Control – Production Process Analysis; Demand Forecasting for Operations; Determinants of Product mix; Production Scheduling; Work measurement; Time and Motion Study; Statistical Quality Control.
  • Role and Scope of Operations Research; Linear Programming; Sensitivity Analysis; Duality; Transportation Model; Inventory Control; Queueing Theory; Decision Theory; Markov Analysis; PERT / CPM.

Unit – VII

  • Probability Theory; Probability distributions – Binomial, Poisson, Normal and Exponential; Correlation and Regression analysis; Sampling theory; Sampling distributions; Tests of Hypothesis; Large and small samples; t z, F, Chi – square tests.
  • Use of Computers in Managerial applications; Technology issues and Data processing in organizations; Information systems; MIS and Decision making; System analysis and design; Trends in Information Technology; Internet and Internet – based applications.

Unit – VIII

  • Concept of Corporate Strategy; Components of Strategy Formulation; Ansoffs Growth Vector; BCG Model; Porter’s Generic Strategies; Competitor Analysis; Strategic Dimensions and Group Mapping; Industry Analysis; Strategies in Industry Evolution, Fragmentation, Maturity, and decline.
  • Competitive strategy and Corporate Strategy; Transnationalization of World Economy; Managing Cultural Diversity; Global Entry Strategies; Globalisation of Financial System and Services; Managing International Business; Competitive Advantage of Nations; RTP and WTO.

Unit – IX

  • Concepts – Types, Characteristics; Motivation; Competencies and its development; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Small business – Concepts Government policy for promotion of small and tiny enterprises; Process of Business Opportunity Identification;
  • Detailed business plan preparation; Managing small enterprises; Planning for growth; Sickness in Small Enterprises; Rehabilitation of Sick Enterprises; Intrapreneurship ( Organisational Entrepreneurship ).

Unit – X

  • Ethics and Management System; Ethical issues and Analysis in Management; Value based organisations; Personal framework for ethical choices;
  • Ethical pressure on individual in organisations; Gender issues; Ecological consciousness; Environmental ethics; Social responsibilities of business; Corporate governance and ethics.

UGC NET Management Paper III ( B )

[ Elective / Optional ]

Elective – I

  • Human Resource Management ( HRM ) – Significance; Objectives; Functions; A diagnostic model; External and Internal environment;
  • Forces and Influences; Organizing HRM function.
  • Recruitment and Selection – Sources of recruits; Recruiting methods; Selection procedure; Selection tests; Placement and Follow-up.
  • Performance Appraisal System – Importance and Objectives; Techniques of appraisal system; New trends in appraisal system.
  • Development of Personnel – Objectives; Determining Needs; Methods of Training & Development programs; Evaluation.
  • Career Planning and Development – Concept of career; Career planning and development methods.
  • Compensation and Benefits – Job evaluation techniques; Wage and salary administration; Fringe Benefits; Human resource records and audit.
  • Employee Discipline – importance; causes and forms; Disciplinary action; Domestic enquiry.
  • Grievance Management – Importance; Process and Practices; Employee Welfare and Social Security Measures.
  • Industrial Relations – Importance; Industrial conflicts; Causes; Dispute settlement machinery.
  • Trade Unions – Importance of Unionism; Union leadership; National Trade Union Movement.
  • Collective Bargaining – Concept; Process; Pre-requisites; New trends in collective bargaining.
  • Industrial Democracy and Employee Participation – Need for industrial democracy; Pre – requisites for industrial democracy; Employee Participation – Objectives; Forms of Employee Participation.
  • Future of Human Resource Management.

Elective – II

  • Marketing – Concept; Nature and Scope; Marketing myopia; Marketing mix; Different environments and their influences on marketing; Understanding the customer and competition.
  • Role and Relevance of Segmentation and Positioning; Static and Dynamic understanding of BCG Matrix and Product Life Cycle; Brands – Meaning and Role; Brand building strategies; Share increasing strategies.
  • Pricing objectives; Pricing concepts; Pricing methods.
  • Product – Basic and Augmented stages in New Product Developments
  • Test Marketing Concepts.
  • Promotion mix – Role and Relevance of advertising
  • Sales promotion – media planning and management.
  • Advertising – Planning, execution and evaluation.
  • Different tools used in sales promotion and their specific advantages and limitations.
  • Public Relations – Concept and Relevance.
  • Distribution channel hierarchy; Role of each member in the channel; Analysis of business potential and evaluation of performance of the channel members.
  • Wholesaling and Retailing – Different types and the strengths of each one; Emerging issues in different kinds of retailing in India.
  • Marketing Research – Sources of Information; Data Collection; Basic Tools used in Data Analysis; Structuring a Research Report.
  • Marketing to Organisations – Segmentation Models; Buyer behaviour models; Organisational, buying process.
  • Consumer Behaviour theories and models and their specific relevance to marketing managers.
  • Sales Function – Role of technology in automation of sales function Customer relationship management including the concept of ‘Relationship Marketing’.
  • Use of internet as a medium of marketing; Managerial issues in reaching consumers / organisation through internet.
  • Structuring and managing marketing organisations.
  • Export Marketing – Indian and global context.

Elective – III

  • Nature and Scope of Financial Management.
  • Valuation Concepts – Risk and Return; Valuation of Securities; Pricing Theories – Capital asset pricing model and Arbitrage pricing theory – Understanding financial statements and analysis thereof.
  • Capital budgeting decisions; Risk analysis in capital budgeting and Long – Term sources of finance.
  • Capital Structure – Theories and Factors; Cost of capital.
  • Dividend Policies – Theories and Determinants.
  • Working Capital Management – Determinants and Financing; Cash management; Inventory management; Receivables management.
  • Elements of Derivatives.
  • Corporate risk management.
  • Mergers and Acquitions.
  • International Financial Management.

Elective – IV

  • India’s Foreign Trade and Policy; Export promotion policies; Trade agreements with other countries; Policy and performance of Export zones and Export – oriented units; Export incentives.
  • International marketing logistics; International logistical structures; Export Documentation framework; Organization of shipping services; Chartering practices; Marine cargo insurance.
  • International financial environment; Foreign exchange markets; Deterrnination of exchange rates; Exchange risk measurement; International investment; International capital markets; International Credit Rating Agencies and Implications of their ratings.
  • WTO and Multilateral trade agreements pertaining to trade in goods; trade in services and TRIPS; Multilateral Environmental Agreements ( MEAs ); International Trade Blocks – NAFTA, ASEAN, SAARC, EU, WTO and Dispute Settlement Mechanism.
  • Technology monitoring; Emerging Opportunities for Global Business.


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Code No. : 17 CBSE NET January 2017 Management Syllabus Subject : Management ( including Business Administration Management / Marketing / Marketing Management / Industrial Relations and Personnel Management., etc ). Note : There will be two question papers, UGC NET … Continue reading

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