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Pondicherry Universities Pondicherry is a state in India, which boasts with natural attractions and accommodation locations. However, the place is also known for educational establishments particularly universities. When you enjoy the beauty of the place, you can also enjoy including these universities as your choice to study. Aside from the quality of education, universities in Pondicherry also provide accommodation for the students, which can be found side by side with the place. Perhaps, this article can help you in searching university for you to enroll. Away from the coastal portion of the city you can find the one of the prominent universities in Pondicherry, which is the University of Pondicherry. The university was spread over 780 acres as a whole campus. By an act of parliament, University of Pondicherry was established in 1985 by the government of India. Pondicherry provides state of the art facilities such as Libraries and laboratories. Students also enjoy the modern facilities such as computers and Internet connectivity. Pondicherry also provides modular and unit-based courses, where in the students are free to choose subjects suitable for the ability and career plan as well. Actually most of the courses focus in medical, Architecture, Law, Business and IT. Courses such as BS Law, BS Botany, BS statistics, Ma. Computer Applications and so on will help you find stable job in the future. For students who can’t afford Bachelor degrees, technical and vocational courses are also offered. At the present, the university has 57 affiliated colleges and some of their graduates are now competing with the multinational companies all over the world. Since the quality of education has improving every year, the National Assessment Accreditation council in the year 2000 accredited the university. In addition to universities in Pondicherry, is the Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and research. The institution is also known as “Ecole de medicine de Pondicherry ”. JIMPER was established in 1964 by the French government.

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