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Sikkim Universities Sikkim universities allow the students to opt for higher studies within the territory. The Universities of Sikkim provides a peaceful academic atmosphere for the students, so that the students of Sikkim can be keep abreast with the latest technologies. Sikkim universities helps the students within the territory of Sikkim to pursue a higher degree at the tertiary level. Moreover, it is noteworthy that in Sikkim, universities witness a large variety in the population of the students, who enroll in the universities at Sikkim to pursue their higher studies. Apart from students from within the territory, Sikkim also witnesses a large number of students from the neighboring countries who come to Sikkim to harness their future. The Sikkim Manipal University is one of the renowned universities of Sikkim that is helping the students to strengthen their prospects in life. Moreover, the Sikkim University Bill, 2006 also seems to be instrumental in the development of the universities in Sikkim. According to this Bill, there should be a university in Sikkim under the name of Sikkim University. The Bill further states that the Sikkim University must be given certain powers which are as follows:

  • To provide instructions to the institutions under the Sikkim University
  • To grant diplomas and degrees to the students on the basis of examinations
  • To undertake and extend extramural studies and trainings
  • To provide the facilities such as distance education and correspondence education
  • To provide Principalships, Professorships, etc.

Sikkim Universities :

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