Fisheries Sector in India

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Fisheries Sector in India

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Indian Fisheries Sector

  • India is the third largest producer of fish and second largest producer of inland fish in the world. Fisheries sector occupies a very important place in the socio – economic development of the country.
  • It has been recognized as a powerful income and employment generator as it stimulates growth of a number of subsidiary industries and is a source of cheap and nutritious food besides being a foreign exchange earner.
  • At present, the fisheries sector is a source of livelihood of over 11 million people engaged fully, partially or in subsidiary activities pertaining to the sector.
  • Fish production in the country has increased from 0.75 MT in 1950 – 51 to 6.5 MT in 2005 – 06 which is expected to become 7.0 MT in 2006 – 07.
  • Fishing, aquaculture and allied activities which is a source of livelihood to over 14 million people as well as a major foreign exchange earner, in 2005 – 06 contributed about 1 % of the total GDP and 5.3% of the GDP from agriculture sector.
  • The geographical base of Indian marine fisheries has 7516 km coastline, 2.02 million of Exclusive Economic Zone including 0.5 million of continental shelf and 3937 fishing villages.
  • There are 189 traditional fish landing centers, 59 minor fishing harbors and 6 major fishing harbors which serve as bases for about 280000 fishing crafts.
  • Export of marine products will be raised to $ 4 billion by 2010 from the present $ 1.6 billion, according to ministry of commerce.
  • The government is also committed to increasing employment potential to 4 million. As per the official estimates 3.5 million additional employment opportunities would be generated in the next 5 – 6 years.

Among the major markets, the European Union continued to be single largest market with 29% share followed by US with 23%, Japan with 16% and China with 12% market share.

South – East Asia and West Asian countries were the other major buyers. Among the Ports, Chennai retained its first position by exporting 19% followed by Kochi ( 17% ), JNP ( 16% ) and Vizag ( 15% ).

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