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The Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB) is responsible for managing Australia’s Development Cooperation Program. The principal objective of the Australian Development Cooperation Program is to promote the substantial economic and social advancement of developing countries. In this way, the program helps to strengthen the links between Australia and the people of recipient countries by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Aid Through Study and Training Opportunities : Australia provides funding for students from developing countries to come to Australia to acquire skills and knowledge. In order to provide a level of education, which is not available in recipient country, AIDAB offers various forms of training. Awardees study at a range of institutions, including Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges. Postgraduate training is preferred by countries which have well-established undergraduate courses of their own.

AIDAB administers two main scholarships programs for international students :Australian Sponsored Training Scholarships (ASTAS) and Australian Development Cooperation Scholarship (AIDAB).

Australian Sponsored Training Scholarship (ASTAS)

Formerly known as the Sponsored Training Program (STP), ASTAS is a long-standing element of Australian development assistance. It is a government-to-government scheme, with awardees being nominated by their own government. Awards are generally offered in disciplines, which reflect the focus of the Australian development cooperation program for that country. Under ASTAS, short-term specialist training and programs of practical experience, involving attachments to industry and government departments, or visits by senior officials to organizations relevant to their professions are also available.

When do the opportunities become available? Each year Australia invites the government of some developing countries to nominate a limited number of people to study in Australia. The timing varies from country to country and you should make inquiries in your country as early as possible.

Eligibility: Students must be nominated by their home government. Each country has its own system for deciding who should be nominated.

Fields of Study: Number of awardees and fields of study are agreed annually in negotiations between the Australian government and recipient governments.

Processing of requests for study: Each country has a nominating authority, which receives requests for scholarships. The nominating authority assesses the requests and decides who should be nominated. Nomination papers of successful applicants are passed to the Australian diplomatic mission which, after checking, passes the papers to an AIDAB regional office in Australia for placement in a preparatory program where needed to enhance the English Language and other skills of awardees.

Entitlements under ASTAS: The scholarship provides airfares, payment of tuition fees, an establishment allowances and a stipend.

Awardees are provided with basic health cover through Medibank Private – Australia’s largest private health insurer. Awardees may bring their families to Australia (Subject to agreement of their government) but are responsible for all costs.

Support services provided: Education institutions provide support services to awardees. AIDAB monitors the awardee well-being and academic progress and provides welfare and counseling support.

Immigration limitations: Awardees are provided with a special international student visa and must leave Australia after the completion of their award.

How to apply: Your first step should be to make inquiries with your country’s nominating authority. Australian Education Centers and Australian Diplomatic Missions can provide you with its name and address. If you appear to be eligible, you should submit a nomination form to the authority through your employer.

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