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Netball Scholarships

Netball Scholarships are made available through the College Board. Each Scholarship covers a certain percentage of the applicants tuition fees at the College.

Netball Scholarships are allocated on a sliding scale from 10 100% depending on achievements of each athlete in the Netball WA Pathway (see attached documents).

All Scholarships are formally reviewed at the completion of Term One, Term Two and Semester Two. Alterations may be made to the Scholarship percentages at these times.

All Scholarship holders are required to re-apply in September each year. (Please see the section on Scholarship Eligibility.)

Applications :

Netball Scholarship Application forms (and Admission for Application forms) for 2011 need to be completed and forwarded to the College by Friday 15 October 2010.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing by November 2010.

Students enrolling after the Scholarship Application dates (ie after October 2010) are still able to apply for a Scholarship, though their success will be affected by the number of Scholarships already allocated for that year.

Once a Scholarship Application has been received, a member of the Netball Program staff will contact the applicant. Wherever possible, applicants will be viewed in their regular playing environment and key coaches will be contacted to provide a reference.

Should it not be possible for a staff member of the Specialised Netball Program to view the applicant in person, the applicant is requested to submit a video with their application.

The video should be of the applicant playing in their preferred position/s in a competitive game and must be a minimum of 15 minutes duration.

Please note, athletes, particularly at a Year 7, 8 and 9 level are viewed with their potential for development in mind. Therefore, limited playing experience should not prohibit potential Netballers from applying for a Scholarship.

Netball Scholarship Eligibility :

In order to be eligible for a Scholarship, the applicant needs to :

  • Have previously played a minimum of one full Netball season (preferably at a local Association for a full winter season)
  • Intend to play for a Club or Association in the year of Scholarship Application (students may play for the College as their Club as Aranmore organises teams to play in the winter competition at Perth Netball Association)
  • Be motivated to continue participation in the sport Desirable (not essential)

The applicant :

  • Has been talent identified through their Netball Club, Association or Region
  • Has represented their Association / Region
  • Has been selected in a Regional Cadet / Academy Program

Expectations :

The successful applicant is required to :

  • Participate consistently and to the best of their ability in the Specialised Netball Program through Year 7 and Year 8 clinics and electives at Year 9 and 10 level
  • At Year 11 and 12, level choose Physical Education Studies (Netball) as an upper school subject
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards their Academic Program. For Year 11 and 12 students, this means maintaining a minimum C average in their chosen course of studies
  • Have an excellent attendance and appropriate behaviour record
  • Have a supportive attitude towards the College ethos
  • Be involved in College sporting activities as either a participant or an assistant, as is appropriate

Netball Scholarship Eligibility :

The successful applicants need to have :

  • An excellent attendance record
  • An appropriate behaviour record
  • A supportive attitude to the College ethos
  • A positive attitude to their Academic program
  • A willingness to participate in the Netball/ACC Sports program
  • An ability to be successful at their School program as well as in their Netball program
  • Maintain a C grade average across all curricular subjects (assessed Term 2/3)
  • Must play for the College teams in designated Netball Competitions
  • Must attend all State training camps in relative age groups for Netball

Expectation of Scholarship Holders :

Expectations of successful Academic Scholarship students are as follows :

  • A positive commitment to their Academic program
  • A positive attitude to the College ethos
  • An appropriate behaviour record
  • An excellent attendance record

Application Closing Date : 15 October 2011

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