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Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship 2010

The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) is designed to help early-stage graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate more effective doctoral dissertation proposals.

Senior tenured faculty serve as research directors who identify research fields for groups of 12 graduate students.

The faculty research directors design two workshops : one to prepare students to undertake summer research that will inform the design of their dissertation proposal, held in spring; the other to help students apply their summer research experiences to writing dissertation and funding proposals, held in the fall.

Working together, research directors and graduate students help shape emerging fields in the humanities and social sciences.

Faculty Application

Each year, the DPDFs Faculty Field Selection and Advisory Committee selects five research fields, each proposed by two tenured senior faculty with different institutional affiliations and, as relevant, different disciplinary specializations.

Selected faculty serve as research directors for their proposed research fields, design the two workshops for their research field, and lead 12 selected fellows in those workshops.

The DPDF program is open to tenured faculty teaching in different doctoral-degree-granting programs at U.S. universities. Faculty must apply as teams and must be tenured at the time of application.

Research directors are required to be present and participate in both workshops. The dates are announced before the opening of the annual application cycle and posted on the competition Web page for the year in question.

Each research director receives a stipend of $10,000 for preparing and running the workshops that bracket the student summer research fellowships, as well as for sustained mentorship of the graduate student cohort throughout the summer.

DPDF Eligibility Criteria for Faculty

Research directorships in each field are held by two tenured faculty members from different doctoral degree-granting programs at universities in the United States.

Faculty must apply as teams; they must be tenured at the time of application; and must be trained in different disciplines or must bring different methodological frameworks to the field.

Faculty should be experienced supervisors of dissertation research. Research directors are required to participate in both workshops.

Application Deadline : 1 October 2010

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