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ACI Graduate Scholarship Program

The ACI Foundation offers scholarships for eligible graduate students whose studies relate to concrete. Unlike ACI Foundation Fellowships, those applying for scholarships do not need to be nominated by ACI-Member Faculty.

The following criteria apply to all ACI Foundation Scholarship applicants. Please read and follow this information carefully.

Application Requirements and Instructions

1. At the time of receiving an ACI Foundation Scholarship (not necessarily at the time of application), the applicant shall possess a bachelors degree from an institution of higher education which is accredited by the responsible regional or national agency.

2. At the time of acceptance of an ACI Foundation Scholarship (not necessarily at the time of application), the applicant shall have been accepted for graduate study at an accredited college or university in an engineering, architecture, or materials science program.

The graduate study program shall be in the area of concrete with an emphasis on structural design, materials, construction, or any combination thereof. Applicants for the Kumar Mehta Scholarship must be pursuing graduate research in sustainable concrete.

3. Applicants must be a full-time first or second-year (after bachelors degree) graduate student during the entire scholarship year. Course work during a summer session will count toward the degree year.

Applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world but graduate study must take place in the United States or Canada during the award year.

4. The application package (see below for details) should be e-mailed to Applications, resumes and essays should be sent together in one e-mail package. Hard copies of applications, resumes, and essays will not be accepted.

Please be sure that your name is on every piece of material submitted. ACI staff does not contact applicants upon receipt of their application materials or contact applicants if materials are missing from submittals.

The deadline for all application materials is 11:59 p.m. EST on November 5, 2010.

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