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Edith Wheal Scholarship 2010, New Zealand

Edith Wheal Scholarship, Research, Massey University

Miss Edith Wheal was a devoted teacher for fifty years in Wanganui, and this scholarship is part of a bequest made by her to Wanganui High School.

It is a fitting tribute to Miss Wheal’ s long years of service and concern for others that this scholarship is intended to promote similar dedication in others who have training, skills, and the will to employ their talents in the interest of other people.

Edith Wheal Scholarship is to the value of approximately $ 1, 500 and may be awarded annually to an ex – student of Wanganui High School under one of two categories :

I. The Service Scholarship :

This takes precedence as the first purpose of the bequest. It is to assist a person to render voluntary service abroad for not less than 3 months, and preferably longer, in a country less developed than New Zealand or where there is a special need.

II. The Education Scholarship :

In the event of their being no suitable applicant for the Service Scholarship, the award may be made to an applicant who by reason of academic attainment, chosen goals, character and circumstances, stands to profit most from its bounty while studying for a University degree or diploma, or a course of tertiary studies leading to equivalent professional qualifications.

For application forms please contact :

The Principal,
Wanganui High School,
P. O Box 4022,
Phone : 06 – 349 – 0178.

Application Deadline : 01 – 11 – 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.