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EUCN Postgraduate Scholarships, New Zealand

EUCN Postgraduate Scholarships and Research Awards, New Zealand

The New Zealand European Union Centres Network invites applications for their scholarship round for the 2011 Academic year. Scholarships are open to post – graduate students at one of the EUCN Partner Universities and whose study focuses on the European Union.

There are two different types of EUCN Scholarships available :

  • Course Fees Scholarships of up to NZ $ 5,000 used to cover tuition fees charged at an EUC Network Partner University for the course of study being undertaken by the student; and,
  • Research Awards of up to NZ $ 2,000 will be awarded for direct research costs associated with the course of study being undertaken by the student.

A list of previous recipients can be found here.

Students are welcome to apply for both a Course Fee Scholarship and a Research Award but only one category will be funded for each student.

The Course Fees Scholarship covers tuition fees for the EU studies related courses undertaken by the student. Unfortunately we cannot cover other enrollment fees such as student association and health levies.

Honors students are eligible to apply for Course Fee Scholarships and Research Awards for taught courses and / or research projects that relate directly to European Union studies.

Students are not eligible for this award if they are a European Union citizen and do not possess permanent residence in New Zealand.

To apply for this grant you are required to complete the online application form and then upload a pdf file of your supporting documents.

Applications close at 5:00pm on Friday 22nd October 2010.

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