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Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarships 2011, New Zealand

Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarships, Research, Massey University, New Zealand

Fish & Game New Zealand offers annual academic scholarships to research the scientific, management, social, cultural and political issues related to New Zealand freshwater sports – fish and game birds.

Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarship Eligibility :

A candidate may apply for the Fish & Game New Zealand Research Scholarships if :

  • they are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand;
  • they have an undergraduate degree as a minimum qualification;
  • they are studying, or intend to study full – time, at Honours, Masters, Doctoral or Post doctoral level at a New Zealand tertiary institution;
  • they are not currently studying then the length of time since they were last enrolled in full time study does not exceed 5 years;
  • they can show a demonstrable interest in at least one of the following :
    1. freshwater angling
    2. game bird hunting
    3. conservation
    4. environmental politics
    5. resource management
    6. social, cultural or demographic interaction with any of the above
    7. they can demonstrate financial need

Value and Tenure of Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarships :

Fish and Game New Zealand Research scholarship will be awarded annually at a value of $ 10, 000 per annum.

The Fish and Game New Zealand Research scholarship will be awarded in one of two categories :

Category 1 : Research into the natural and physical sciences of fish and game, or the management of fish and game.

Category 2 : Research into social, cultural or political issues in the context of fish and game.

The Selection Committee reserves the right not to award the scholarship in any given year if it is of the opinion that there is not a suitable candidate.

Research Focus :

In the award of Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarships, the Selection Committee shall have regard to the topic focus in each category:

Category 1 : Physical sciences and management :

The Science of Fish and Game.
Natural and physical science research. For example : Habitat, biodiversity, survival, predation, disease, population control, ecosystem dynamics.

Managing the Fish and Game Resource.
For example : Licensing, bag limits, RMA, access, harvest control, fishing methods, hunting methods, species, reserves, controls, water conflict and planning.

Category 2 : Social, cultural and political issues :

Fishing and Hunting in Society.
For example : blood sports, meaning and values, history, commodification, change, food, participation, indigenous versus exotic, firearms control, treaty issues, impact of urbanization (lifestyle blocks), meaning for Maori.

Fish and Game based Recreation and Tourism.
For example : impacts both on resources and economy, displacement, changing recreational patterns, trends, lifestyle, international position of Fish and Game.

Selection :

A Selection Committee will be appointed by the New Zealand Fish & Game Council on the recommendation by its research committees to select award winners.

Administration :

The Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarship will be administered by the NZVCC, which will be responsible for publicising the availability of the Scholarship, receiving applications, assisting the Selection Committee in the selection process, advising candidates of the results, arranging for payments from the scholarship fund, and providing the Selection Committee with scholars’ reports.

Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarships Applications :

Application should be made on the form provided by the NZVCC, to the Scholarships Office of the university at which each candidate is currently enrolled or at which their most recent degree or other qualification was completed no later than 1 October.

Each application must have attached to it :

  • signed NZVCC Privacy Provisions form;
  • NZVCC Application Form page 2;
  • a statement of not more than two A4 pages, detailing the candidate’s proposed course of study, including names of potential supervisors ;
  • a certified copy of birth certificate or other evidence of citizenship / permanent residency;
  • certified copies of academic records to date;
  • the names of two persons who will be forwarding to their University Scholarships Office by 1 October, a written assessment of the candidate including achievements, potential, and suitability for the award;
  • a statement detailing your interest in your outdoor activities;
  • Fish & Game will advise applicants of its decision by the beginning of December.

Reports :

The scholar must furnish six – monthly progress reports to the NZVCC, and be prepared to report to Fish & Game New Zealand as required.

Conditions :

The Fish and Game New Zealand Research Scholarship is tenable with any other bursary or scholarship, but account will be taken of the aggregate circumstances of the scholar and of the desirability of using available funds to best advantage.

The scholar agrees to lodge a copy of any published papers with Fish & Game New Zealand. Fish & Game New Zealand reserves the right to use the names, photographs and details of successful applicants for advertising and publicity.

The recipients agree to reasonable requests by Fish & Game New Zealand to participate in any promotional activity (travel and accommodation expenses will be met by Fish & Game New Zealand) including interviews and presentations on their field of study to selected groups.

Application Deadline : 30 – 11 – 2010.

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