The LIC Patrick Shannon Honours and Masterate Scholarship, New Zealand

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The LIC Patrick Shannon Honours and Masterate Scholarship, New Zealand

The objective of this scholarship is to Signal the value of high – level intellectual skills in the mathematics, statistics, machine learning, bioinformatics and science disciplines and their importance to LIC and New Zealand’s future

Study Subject : Mathematics / statistics and science

Employer : Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd

Level : Undergraduate and Masterate and Doctoral

Honours and Masterate Scholarship Description :

LIC offers Honours and Masterate scholarships to outstanding mathematics, machine learning, statistics or science students. And, in conjunction with the scholarships, LIC also offers a Doctoral Studentship Programme.

The Doctoral Studentship Programme will see candidates employed by LIC for a period of time prior to commencement of post – graduate studies, fully supported by LIC. A relevant, full time position will be made available upon completion of the Doctoral Studentship Programme.

Undergraduate and Masterate Scholarships

The Livestock Improvement Patrick Shannon Scholarship Programme bears the name of one of the most remarkable and innovative bovine geneticists and reproductive biologists in the world.

Patrick Shannon joined Livestock Improvement in the mid 1950s and over the ensuing 50+ years contributed numerous world – breaking discoveries which contributed to the vitality and profitability of the New Zealand dairy industry.

Scholarships will be distributed on the basis of one – off grants of $5,000 to successful students in their fourth (Honours) year or $10,000 (in progressive payments) for Masterates.

  • A Selection Panel from LIC’s Research and Development team will assess applications according to the criteria outlined below.
  • Where feasible, successful candidates will be encouraged to undertake one month’s paid work at LIC’s premises near Hamilton, prior to, or at the end of, their Scholarship period.
  • The successful student(s) will be required to present the findings of their dissertation or thesis to LIC, and make a copy of the dissertation or thesis available for the LIC Library.

Doctoral Studentships

Academic excellence with special emphasis on mathematics / statistics and science disciplines; should be accompanied by a recommendation from the relevant University Head of Department.

  • A commitment to working on an agreed topic.
  • The student is, or is eligible to become, a New Zealand citizen or resident legally able to work in New Zealand [during both periods of employment and no immigration issues with studying overseas].
  • Top candidates meeting criteria 1 – 3 above will be invited to an interview with the Selection Panel from LIC to confirm the applicant’s suitability for a future role with the organization.
  • In addition to employment, LIC will provide the candidate with appropriate academic support and mentoring, as well as access to facilities to enable him / her to undertake the nominated programme of study and research.

Scholarship Application Deadline : 12th November 2010.

For further scholarship information and application visit :

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.