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The NG Stewart Scholarships 2011, New Zealand

Scholarship for New Zealand Citizens, New Zealand

The NG Stewart Scholarship was established in 2003 with funds bequeathed by Norman George Stewart (1913 – 1997) through the Stewart Coomb Trust.

Mr Stewart was Managing Director of the Dunedin company J K Mooney New Zealand Limited, an exporter of wool and skins, and also served as a Director of a number of Dunedin companies.

After returning from service with the Royal Navy during the Second World War he became interested in assisting with the rehabilitation of disabled servicemen in Dunedin.

He served for many years as national Chairman of the Disabled Re-establishment League and also served as Chairman of the Otago Foundation from 1969 to 1992.

He was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 1975 for his work with people with disabilities.

Although he did not graduate from the University of Otago, Mr Stewart served on the Knox College Council for many years and was also an enthusiastic advocate of the University of Otago.

NG Stewart Scholarship Eligibility :

Candidates must :

  • be a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand permanent resident
  • have a disability of at least six months or longer
  • be intending to enroll, or already be enrolled in an undergraduate degree at the University of Otago.

A student who has held the scholarship may apply again for up to a further two years, provided that he or she continues to make satisfactory progress in all respects.

In exceptional circumstances, an application may be considered from a candidate with a disability who does not meet all of the above criteria but whose situation presents similar barriers to attending university.

Academic ability and commitment to the area of disability will be the primary criteria by which recipients are selected.

Value : The award has a value of up to $3000.

Tenure :

The NG Stewart Scholarship may be held for one year only.

The selection panel may, in exceptional circumstances, consider an extension of the award to more than one year provided that the scholar makes a further application and continues to made satisfactory progress in all respects.

If part-time, this can be paid on a pro-rata basis to a maximum value of $3,000, subject to approval.

Application deadline : 1st December 2010.

The NG Stewart Scholarships 2011, New Zealand

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