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NZ Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd Statistics Scholarship, New Zealand

NZ Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd Statistics Scholarship, Research, New Zealand

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage postgraduate study on statistical problems relevant to crop and food production and of interest to the New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research Ltd.

1. Applicants must be enrolled in a postgraduate programme of study in statistics at either Lincoln University or Massey University.

2. The Statistics Scholarship is tenable for one year of full – time or part – time research.

3. Crop & Food Research Ltd shall approve the research project or thesis research and a Crop & Food Research biometrician shall be the second supervisor.

4. The value of the Statistics Scholarship shall be $ 5,000 for a full – time thesis, but may be reduced on a pro – rata basis for smaller projects or part – time study.

5. The Statistics Scholarship may be held concurrently with any other scholarship or award provided the regulations of the award allow it.

6. Applicants must not hold any other positions of emolument, but are permitted to undertake casual work to a maximum of 500 hours in any 12 – month period.

7. Payments will normally be made in two equal instalments in April and August, subject to satisfactory progress.

8. The criteria for selection shall be academic merit and the candidate’s interest in the projects available from Crop & Food Research Ltd. The selection committee shall consist of two representatives from Crop & Food Research Ltd and the academic leaders from the Auckland and Palmerston North campuses. Crop & Food Research Ltd reserves the right not to award the scholarship in any year.

9. Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School on 15 December in the year prior to that in which the award will be held. Applications forms are available from Massey Contact at each campus, or email :

10. Further information may be obtained by contact :

Head of Biometrics,
Crop & Food Research,
Private Bag 11600,
Palmerston North.
Telephone : 06 356 8300;
Fax : 06 351 7050.

Application Deadline : 15 – 12 – 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.