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Sims Empire Scholarship, New Zealand

The period of tenure of the scholarship shall be two years. Tenure may be extended for a third year by the Dean of Postgraduate Research, as nominee of the Vice – Chancellor

Study Subject : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Medicine

Employer : University of Canterbury

Level : Graduates

Sims Empire Scholarship Description :

The Sims Empire Scholarship was founded in 1945 by Arthur Sims and Agnes Marion Sims with the object of promoting the study of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Medicine and such other subjects as may from time to time be determined.

1. The Sims Empire Scholarships shall be open to graduates of a University in New Zealand who were born in New Zealand or who at the time of application have been resident in New Zealand for a period of seven years or more.

2. The Sims Empire Scholarship shall be awarded for outstanding merit and promise in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Medicine, or in any other cognate subject which the Academic Board may from time to time designate so as to give the scholar an opportunity for further study or research at some institution in Great Britain approved by the Academic Board, provided that if the institution so approved is to be a General Hospital it is the desire of the donors that it shall be St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

3. The election of the scholar shall be made by the Council on the recommendation of the Academic Board. In the case of a graduate in medicine the Academic Board may before making its recommendation, consult with the Dean of the Medical School from which the candidate graduated.

4. The annual value of the scholarship shall consist of a living allowance together with an annual grant to assist with tuition fees and a grant to assist with travel. The level of the grants will be dependent upon the income available and the current cost of fares and fees.

5. The Sims Empire Scholarship shall be offered annually, or as funds permit, provided the annual expenditure does not exceed 75% of the income generated by the fund in the previous year.

6. Any part of the income from the endowment fund remaining unexpanded for any reason may be directed by the Council to be added to the capital of the fund, or, with the approval of the Academic Board, applied to either or both of the following purposes :

  • the award of an additional scholarship;
  • an extension of the period of tenure of the scholarship to a term not exceeding three years in all.

Scholarship Application Deadline : November 1st 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.