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Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fellowship, New Zealand

Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fellowship, Research, Health Research Council of New Zealand

The Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fellowship recognises the contributions that Sir Charles Hercus, Kt, DSO, OBE, MD, FRCP, RCPE, FRACP, FRACS, Hon LLD (1888 – 1971) made to biomedical, clinical and
public health research in a distinguished career of 36 years at the University of Otago.

Sir Charles Hercus was also recognised for his encouragement and mentorship of talented emerging researchers. In 1937, he was a founding member of the committee that subsequently became the Medical Research Council, now the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

It should be noted that Sir Charles Hercus has also been recognised by the Royal Society of New Zealand with the biennial award of the Hercus Medal for achievement in health sciences.

Public Health research is defined by the Health Research Council Act 1990 as research into factors that influence the health of a population including :

  1. Research into health systems and health services; and
  2. Research into the environmental, socio – economic, cultural, and behavioural factors that determine health status. As defined above, Public Health research also includes health services research.

Health services research is defined by the HRC as research that contributes to the better health of the population through the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the provision, organisation and delivery of health care and the study of health needs.

Pacific Health research is defined by the HRC as any research that addresses the health needs of Pacific people. It recognises that people from individual Pacific Island countries are ethnically and culturally different.

It usually involves Pacific people as participants and as members of the research team. The HRC supports research into the health of Pacific people resident in New Zealand.

Where appropriate, research in the island nations of the South – West Pacific may also be supported, particularly if it involves strong links with New Zealand.

All research proposals specifically involving Pacific people will be evaluated by either the Biomedical Research Committee or the Public Health Research Committee, as appropriate, with review of cultural appropriateness by the Pacific Health Research Committee as co – ordinated by the HRC Portfolio Administrator (Pacific Health Research).

Copies of Proposals Required :

  • Each applicant for the Hercus Fellowship should submit the paper – clipped original and eight (8) stapled copies.
  • Copies of pages with the following headings are not required (i.e. only the original is required). These pages should be attached to the original copy of the proposal but not to any other copies :
    1. Section 7 – Ethical Agreement
    2. Section 8 – Administrative Agreement
    3. Section 9 – Supervisor Report and Applicant Referee Nomination
  • No part or parts of a proposal can be returned to the applicant.

Application Deadline : 1st September 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.