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Common Proficiency Test FAQ’s

What is the Common Proficiency Test ?

It is an entry level test for Chartered Accountancy Course. It is a test of four subjects i.e. Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. This test is of 200 marks. This test is divided into two sessions of two hours each ( 9:00 – 11:00 AM and 12:30 – 2:30 PM ). CPT is an objective type test with negative marking.

Who can join the CPT Course ?

A student who has passed the 10th standard examination conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto may register for Common Proficiency Test.

How to apply for admission to the CPT Course ?

  • A student is required to apply in the prescribed form.
  • A student may buy Prospectus remitting ₹ 100/-. The application form is available in the Prospectus.
  • Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from the website www.icai.org. While submitting the filled-in application form, a student has to remit ₹ 100 for Prospectus along with registration and tuition fee.
  • The Prospectus can also be procured by post from any of the offices of the Institute on payment of ₹ 140/- ( ₹ 40/- on account of postal charge ).

What is the fees for CPT Registration ?

The registration and tuition fee is ₹ 3500/-, which is to be remitted along with filled in application form. In case a student submits downloaded application form, he should remit ₹ 3600/- ( ₹ 100/- for Prospectus. A copy of the Prospectus will be sent to him along with the study package ).

This fee structure is applicable for

  • Indian students residing in India and other SAARC Countries and Bhutan; and
  • Students belonging to other SAARC countries and Bhutan.

The following students have to pay fees amounting to US$ 200 :

  • Students of foreign countries other than SAARC countries and Bhutan; and
  • Indian Students residing abroad other than SAARC countries and Bhutan.

Where to submit / dispatch filled-in CA CPT Application Form ?

The Application form should be submitted through online only.

What are the subjects to be studied ?

Session – I ( Two Sections – Two hours – 100 Marks )

  • Section A : Fundamentals of Accounting ( 60 Marks )
  • Section B : Mercantile Laws ( 40 Marks )

Session – II ( Two Sections – Two hours – 100 Marks )

  • Section C : General Economics ( 50 Marks )
  • Section D : Quantitative Aptitude ( 50 Marks )

What is the detailed Syllabus of CA CPT ?

Click Here to view the detailed CPT Syllabus

Will there be any study package ?

Yes. The Board of Studies provides a comprehensive study package including a large question bank. The Board of Studies also provides a CD for self-assessment. Using the CD, a student can get question paper sets of different subjects and test his level of preparation.

In addition, Volume I & II of the Model Test Papers are also being supplied to the students with study materials.

What is the eligibility for appearing in the examination ?

A registered student may appear in Common Proficiency Test after he has appeared in the Senior Secondary Examination ( 10+2 examination ) conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto and has complied with such requirements as may be specified by the Council from time to time.

How to make application for appearing in the CPT examination ?

A student has to follow the examination notification to be issued by the Examination Department of the ICAI and apply in the prescribed form along with the examination fee of ₹ 400 ( inclusive cost of application form & exam fee ). The Examination Department will announce the examination centres and issue admit card.

What are the qualifying marks ?

The qualifying mark is 50%. A student has to remember that CPT is an objective type test with a negative marking for selecting wrong option which will be indicated in the question paper.

When the CPT Exam are held ?

CPT examination is being held twice in a year i.e., in June & December.

What is the next step after passing CPT ?

After passing CPT and 10+2 examination conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto, a student may join the Chartered Accountancy Course.

Education of Chartered Accountancy is divided into two levels :

  • Professional Competence Course
  • Final Course

There is a concurrent articled training of 3 ½ years or equivalent audit training. Eight months of service as an audit assistant shall be reckoned as six months of articled training. Also, a student is allowed to undergo partly articled training and partly audit training. Any fraction of a period less than eight months as audit assistant will be ignored.

After passing CPT and 10+2 standard examination as stated above, a student has to take admission to Professional Competence Course and concurrently register for articled / audit training.

A student is advised to follow FAQs for Professional Competence Course. These are available on the website www.icai.org.

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