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Advertising as a Career

Everyone has a different idea of what advertising is. A copywriter will tell you it’s ‘art’. If you ask planners, they will tell you it’s ‘science’. customers will tell you that it is a required evil’ .The basic definition, however, is to turn the good opinion of a target viewpoint towards a definite product ( such as cooking oil, shaving cream, detergent ) or service ( such as airline, banking ) or a film, may be even a supporting party in the absence of opponent this task would be very easy and suitable. In reality this is just not the case.

At the very point of time when one advertising agency is trying to capture the interest of its target audience to its product, there are many such agencies that are trying the same thing with the same consultation and a similar product. In marketing, therefore, beating the competition is the ongoing dare.Sometimes, advertising tries to change attitude as in a movement against drinking and driving.

Moreover, it’s about having an inventive idea, intimate knowledge of the market, a good sense of timing and a feeling for what will work. The best publicity is a arrangement of the rational and the touching. Today, an advertisement has to mission not only the attributes and unique selling points but also a reflection that the client can react to.

Advertising Career Description :

Advertisement is the business of communicate a meaning to an audience through the media journalists, magazine, broadcasting, television, hoardings in public places, etc. Not only the business sector with its vast range of products and services but also the government requires advertising to suggest messages of the right social values, rights and duties, and the special social welfare schemes. TV companies, hotels, shops and industries all make use of advertisements to reach the stacks.

Advertising, one of the developments of mass statement, forms the basis of marketing. Agencies plan and accomplish advertising campaigns on behalf of their ‘customers ‘ or ‘accounts’, i.e. the firms and other organizations that want to draw attention to their ‘product’. Time and space are purchase from ‘media owners’ publishers of correspondents and magazines, poster and television / radio companies, which publish or broadcast the advertisement.

Advertising offers jobs on the management side or the imaginative side. While the executive responsibility deals with client servicing, media planning and market research, the creative department employs copywriters and dream of along with the screenwriter, storyboard artists, typographers, etc.

Innovative work can be particularly diverse, as an agency may have umpteen different customers, and it is done to a brief, though this will not always be particular and the creative team will be expected to contribute the oughts. Production of the final advertisement for the different media have need of dealing with services and provisions relating to the final shape of the ad photographers, studios, audio and video film profitable units have to be lined up and the final version has to be approved by the client.

Usually, agencies hire studios with specialized film directors, editors and other specialized to manufacture the actual commercial. Many ad organizations now have detach specialized units looking into the various areas of work so that each can deliver the best results.

Advertising Career Expertise :

Accounts management is at the centre of operations in most agencies. Organization plan, create and place advertisements on behalf of advertisers who choose them to handle their ‘account’. The Accounts administrative meets the customers first and learns of their needs. The client servicing subdivision through the account administrative / account planners is complicated from the briefing and the concept of the advertisement to placement of the ads.

Media executives evaluate the best possible media in which the advertisement could goal its audience. They are concerned in buying the best possible slots for their ad campaign and bargaining the best economic deals with an methodical approach. Market research is the scientific aspect of advertising. Market researchers conduct thorough research into the customers’ habits, likes and dislikes to arrive at an accepting of what motivates consumers to try out products, etc.

An agency’s success depends upon its innovative department. This is usually run by a artistic director supervising the work of copywriters, playwright, photographers, artists / designers, typographers and printers. Copywriters write the text of advertisements; Scriptwriters write radio and television marketable. imagine, also known as layout artists, work in combination with copywriters to give a graphic understanding to an agreed campaign.

Skills for Advertising Career :

Some personality traits are essential for all advertising personnel whether on the decision making or the creative side. A creative visual imagination good powers of observation insight into the interests of people from all walks of life the capability to interact with people, to work as part of a team, a practical temperament; patience and perseverance; and mental and physical toughness to be able to hold up high pressure and criticism.

Business acumen; interest in social and economic trends; flair for salesmanship; ability to work under pressure; ability for team work; communication skills; stamina; resilience; persistence and interest in popular culture are skills needed for the industry Market and media researchers should have an analytical and logical brain.

Copywriters and visualizes, etc., on the creative side should possess extraordinary artistic ability too. Creative people require originality and thoughts but must be regimented with a strong feeling for straightforward messages and images. Ingenuity and an unlimited fund of new ideas helps. Copywriters need to be able to convey a lot with the smallest amount of words.

Advertising Career Professional Courses :

Managerial and economic skills cannot be over rated for account management work which is why management former students ( MBA ) are favored even though postgraduate diploma holders in advertising / mass communication or fresh graduates are also recruiting. MBA courses are usually of two years’ period, PG Diploma courses of 1 – year period.

These can be taken up only after graduation in any discipline. In these courses students are taught marketing, media planning, graphics, and group campaigns with all other aspects of publicity and public kindred. Graduation / Post graduation in statistics may lead to jobs in market research.

Copywriters may be diploma holders in advertising; however, those who have a flair for words and can find the phrase or word which sums up others’ long – winded justification should approach marketing agencies to appear for copy writing tests.

Jobs on the visual or art side of an advertising agency require a Bachelors degree in fine arts or training in industrial design or commercial art. BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts ) is a four or five year programmer to be taken up after plus two or equivalent level of education. It is offered at most universities in the country in their colleges of art.

The National Institute of Design at Ahmedabad offers a Graduate Diploma Program in Design ( GDPD ) to students who have successfully fulfilled plus two or its equivalent. Students may specialize in a meticulous branch of industrial design or visual communication.

This course is very obliging for procuring jobs in the art departments of advertising agencies. Commercial art courses are available at most polytechnics in the country also after plus two or its corresponding. Admission into these programs is on the source of aptitude tests and interview.

Advertising Career Opportunity :

Nowhere in the world has a consumer been as approachable to advertising as in India. Over the last 1 two decades consumers have become more aware of advertising than ever before. Liberalization of the financial system, new products and services and propagation of media have boosted the advertising industry in a big way.

The distant tie – ups that Indian advertising agencies have available in the current past have been victorious multinational business has begun to flowing. Advertising specialized have no dearth of jobs and the remunerations depend on a person’s capacity, the size of the agency and its volume of business.

Newcomers can earn a minimum of ₹ 7, 500 per month and with promotions being linked to ability, luck and success, remunerations can multiply very fast for those with flair, creativity and the go receiving instinct. MBA from premier institutes can join in the media planning, client servicing, market research department of an ad agency with salaries of ₹ 12,000 and above. They would join at the administrative / manager level rather than novice level.

Salaries do not always speak for themselves because some jobs might carry supplementary perks and facilities that might quantity to more than the salary at another agency. In today’s promotion clutter, choosing the right media poses the biggest challenge. Media planning has emerged as the most potent tool that society is using to back up brilliant creative campaigns. Advertising professionals constitute the rare breed of strategic thinkers who will be the most sought – after in the coming decade.

Advertising Career Path :

Competition for most jobs is keen but promotion comes soon to those with talent. There is a great deal of job mobility in the industry. Professionals move between agencies, set themselves up as freelancers, open their own businesses or move into related work such as marketing or public relations.

Because of the substance of their jobs advertising professionals who are well trained, experienced and successful find a lot of scope for advancement. They may be advance to higher positions in their own or other firms. Some become top executives. Managers with extensive understanding and sufficient capital may open their own businesses.

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