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Agriculture Inspector Career

Become an Inspector of Agriculture by completing a bachelor’s degree program in Agricultural Science or by combining work experience with field-related college coursework. A career in the field of Agricultural Inspecting can lead to additional health and food safety employment opportunities. Read on to find out more about how an Agriculture Inspecting job may be right for you.

Career Definition : Agriculture Inspector

Agriculture Inspectors ensure that agricultural entities comply with government regulations. They make certain that all goods, equipment and sites are legal and enforce agricultural standards relating to health and safety. They are responsible for validating meat safety and often inspect meat at meat-processing facilities. Agricultural Inspectors also check the quality of shipments before they leave or enter the country at ports and border crossings ( ).

How to Become an Agriculture Inspector

Required Education for a Career in Agriculture Inspecting

Specific experience and educational background requirements may vary by employer; however, there are basically two ways to become an Agricultural Inspector. One approach is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science or a closely related field of study. Alternatively, relevant work experience combined with some college coursework, including courses in agricultural science and biology, can be substituted for a bachelor’s degree. Before beginning with any employer, the Agriculture Inspector will also have to go through training to become versed in specific laws, regulations and procedures governing the agricultural industry.

Skills Required for an Agriculture Inspecting Career

Excellent communication and math skills are necessary in this field. It can also be helpful to be fluent in both English and Spanish. Additionally, it helps to have experience working around animals.

Career and Economic Outlook for Agriculture Inspecting

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the employment outlook for Agricultural Inspectors should remain stable. Most employment opportunities in the agricultural field are found with federal and state governments. Agricultural states, like Idaho, Nebraska and Iowa, hire more Agricultural Inspectors than do other states. Specific job opportunities in the agricultural inspection field include health inspector, food inspector, compliance analyst and consumer safety officer. The median salary for an Agricultural Inspector in 2008 was $41,330 ( ).

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