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The trouble free, comfortable and safe journey of a passenger is of prime importance to the aviation sector. In this regard, it is an Air Hostess / Flight Steward whose role becomes really crucial as they are the first one to welcome passengers aboard an aircraft.

Their efficiency and effectiveness are critical factors to any airline’s growth. They help the passengers to find their seats and put cabin luggage in the luggage chambers.

Air Hostess give instructions to the passengers about how to operate the air flow system, knobs above one’s seat and how to call them in time of need.

Air Hostess job also includes giving instructions to the passengers on how to use safety measures during crisis, catering foods and drinks to the passengers and answering passengers’ inquiries on facilities and services. They are supposed to provide First Aid to passengers who feel sick.

Above all, keeping an eye on comfort of passengers like adjusting seat inclination, setting pillow under someone’s head, helping passengers in time of crisis like emergency landing, crash landing, etc. to cope with the situation and disembark fast from aircraft, etc., are also an art of Air Hostess / Flight Steward’s job.

By the count, the various airlines in the country have almost 10,207 Cabin Crew members in 2007 – 08 and the number is expected to grow to almost 20,284 by 2011 – 12.

Aptitude :

To be an Air Hostess or a Flight Steward, one should have common sense, sense of responsibility, initiative quality, friendly outgoing personality, politeness, physical stamina and the capacity to work for long hours on the feet.

The ability to react quickly in time of emergency, presence of mind, systematic approach, unruffled appearance, a well – modulated pleasant voice and a proportionate figure with a graceful carriage are the important traits required in an Air hostess or a Flight Steward.

The selection of cabin crew is based on round of interviews in groups and individual but ultimately, medical fitness cannot be ignored in the selection.

Eligibility for Air Hostess Courses

The educational qualification for an Air Hostess / Flight Steward training program is 10+2 or a graduate degree with a diploma / degree in Hotel Management or Tourism Management.

The aspirant must be eligible to hold an Indian Passport and should be below twenty – five years of age with proportionate weight and height.

Further, one must be unmarried, with normal eyesight of 6 / 6 increased vision in each eye. Fluency in English, Hindi and knowledge of an international language is an added advantage.

Selection Procedure for Air Hostess Courses

The applicant should be physically fit with a pleasing personality and clear complexion. After the initial screening of applicants is completed, the airline company calls them for a written examination, usually of the objective type (multiple choice).

Those who qualify in the written examination have to appear for a group discussion followed by a personal interview of successful candidates.

If selected, the applicant will be on training for two to three months in which one can learn about service, grooming, safety and first aid, after which one is initially put on trainee flights.

Flight Training

The flight training covers several topics, each of which deals with technical or nontechnical aspects of the aircraft.

Beginning with the history of aviation, the candidates are made to learn in – flight service, passenger handling, passenger psychology, service of meals on the aircraft, the art of conversation, transactional analysis, emergency evacuation system, personal grooming and hygiene, First Aid, confidence building, handling of visually impaired passengers, making announcements, emergency demonstration, etc.

Prospects for Air Hostess Careers

There is a great demand for Air Hostesses / Flight Stewards in the Aviation sector. They can find employment with private owned domestic and international airlines namely Singapore Airlines, Jet Airways, etc. and government air services like Air – India.

Flight Purser : After three to five years, depending upon your performance, Flight Steward / Air Hostess is eligible to become a Flight Purser. Your responsibilities increase as you take over the charge of the Cabin Crew on board. Salaries generally get double up.

Ground Job : You can join here directly or after having served on the flight for long, you can opt for ground jobs in sections like staff – training and human resource management in the corporate office.
Career in Air Hostess – Remuneration

The Cabin Crew can get up to 40, 000 per month for domestic flights whereas upto 1, 50,000 for international flights on wide – bodied aircrafts. The ground staff can also earn 20, 000 – 30, 000 per month.

Air Hostess Institutes in Delhi

1MD - Anatomy2 seats
2MD - Physiology2 seats
3MD - Bio chemistry2 seats
4MD - Pathology3 seats
5MD - Pharmacology1 seats
6 MD - Microbiology2 seats
7MD - Community Medicine 4 seats
8MD - General Medicine6 seats
9MD - TB & Chest2 seats
10MD - Psychiatry2 seats
11MD - Dermatology3 seats
12MS - General Surgery5 seats
13MS - Orthopaedics2 seats
14MS - Ophthalmology1 seats
15MS - ENT2 seats
16MD - Anaesthesia4 seats
17MD - OBG3 seats
18MD - Paediatrics3 seats
19MD - Radio-Diagnosis 2 seat

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