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Animal Breeding is the application of the principles of animal genetics embodying a goal of improvement of domestic and pet animals, avian species and fishes. There are 492.63 million livestock and 354.43 million poultry population in India.

The performance of these species can be improved by suitable feeding, management and prophylactic measures against various diseases and ailments and also by establishment of the correct micro climate in animal husbandry.

However, these measures do not invariably produce the anticipated effect in the form of increased productivity. Animal breeding is the only answer for genetic enhancement in productive, reproductive, disease resistance and other desirable economic characters.

Animal breeding can improve the living standards, in rural areas. About 80% of total livestock population in our country is non – descriptive, which need genetic improvement.

Considering the huge livestock population and its mega biodiversity, India requires thousands of technically competent animal breeder. However, there are merely 1000 animal breeder in India, who are working in Government institutions and State Agriculture and Veterinary Universities.

Animal breeders can make a career in education and research in 8 veterinary and animal science universities, 31 agriculture universities, 25 State Livestock Development Boards and 19 animal science and 5 fisheries science institutes in ICAR., small animals houses of CSIR and ICMR institutes, central government cattle, sheep and poultry breeding farms, 45 military farms, National Dairy Development Board, State Dairy Co – operative Federation, NABARD and commercialized banks.

Job Opportunities for Animal Genetics and Animal Breeding Post Graduates :

1. State Government :

Every state government has a State Livestock Development Board / Agency and State Dairy Co – operative Federations in which Postgraduate in Animal Genetics & Breeding can get job as chief executive officer, scientist, farm manager (livestock breeding farms), officer in – charge, bull mother farm.

2. Central Government :

One can get a job in central agencies like central livestock and poultry breeding farms under department of animal husbandry, ministry of agriculture (Government of India), national livestock development board, national dairy development board, military farms, nabard, FAO, wild life institute and national institute of animal welfare (ministry of environment and forestry), CSIR / ICMR institutes in which small animal house facilities and medical genetics division are available.

3. Academic Institutes :

Candidates having post graduate degree in animal genetics and breeding can apply for the post of assistant professor in the faculty of veterinary, animal science, agriculture and fisheries and for the recruitment as scientist in various animal, veterinary and fisheries institutions under ICAR.

Asrb conducts an all India competitive examinations Agricultural Research Services (ARS) followed by viva voce. Job opportunities as scientist in dbt / dst / drdo institutions are also available. One can also get job as technical officer, SRF and JRF and in various laboratories of ICAR, CSIR and ICMR.

4. Self Employment :

As an entrepreneur, after obtaining the post – graduate degree in animal genetics and breeding can start their own enterprise. The financial support can be obtained through nabard or through other nationalized banks.

Pet animal breeding offers great opportunities for animal breeders. They can also establish livestock breeding center in rural areas.

5. Private Sector :

Candidates can work as animal breeder on livestock and poultry farms, bull mother farms of ngo and private corporations. There is paucity of skilled manpower in the area of genetic improvement of animals.

Name of the Institute University / Veterinary Colleges Imparting PG in Animal Genetics and Breeding :

Some of the ICAR institutes (Deemed University), State Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Agricultural Universities offering post graduate courses in Genetics and Animal Breeding are :

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Salivary GlandsPtyalin ( Salivary Amylase ) Starch, Glycogen, DextrinsMaltose, Isomaltose, 'Limit' Dextrins
GastricPepsin ( Activated from Pepsinogen by HCI ) Proteins, Calcium Paracaseinate Peptones
Rennin ( Activated from Prorennin by HCI ) CaseinParacasein and Whey Proteins
Gastric LipaseFatsFatty Acids and Monoglycerides
PancreasTrypsin ( Activated from Trypsinogen by Enterokinase ) ProteinsPeptides
Chymotrypsin ( Activated from Chymotrypsinogen by Trypsin ) Proteins, CaseinPeptides, Paracasein ( curd )
Pancreatic AmylaseStarch, Glycogen, DextrinsMaltose, Isomaltose, 'Limit' Dextrins
Pancreatic LipaseEmulsified fatsFatty Acids, Glycerol, Monoglycerides, Diglycerides and Triglycerides
Carboxypeptidases ( Activated from Procarboxypeptidases by Trypsin ) PeptidesAmino Acids and Dipeptides
Intestinal GlandsIntestinal amylaseStarch, Glycogen, DextrinsMaltose, Isomaltose, 'Limit' Dextrins
Maltose MaltoseGlucose
'Limit' Dextrinase'Limit' DextrinsGlucose
Invertase ( Sucrase ) SucroseGlucose, Fructose
LactaseLactoseGlucose, Galactose
Intestinal LipaseEmulsified fats ( Tri-, Di- Monoglycerides ) Fatty Acids, Glycerol
NucleotidasesNucleotidesNucleosides and Inorganic Phosphates
NucleosidasesNucleosidesNitrogenous Bases, Pentose Sugars
CourseSanctioned Seats
1.D.M. Cardiology3

M.D. General Medicine / M.D.
Paediatrics / M.D. Respiratory
Medicine or its equivalent
recognised degree
2.D.M. Neurology 3 M.D. General Medicine / M.D.
Paediatrics or its equivalent
recognised degree
D.M. Nephrology3
4.D.M. Medical Gastroenterology3M.D. General Medicine or its
equivalent recognised degree
5.D.M. Reproductive Medicine2
M.D. / M.S. ( Obstetrics &
Gynaecology ) or its equivalent recognised degree
6.D.M. Neuro Radiology1
M.D. ( Radio-diagnosis ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
7.D.M. Critical Care Medicine2M.D. ( Anaesthesiology /
Medicine / Pulmonology ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
8.D.M. Neonatology1 M.D. ( Paediatrics ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
9.M.Ch. Surgical Gastroenterology2M.S. ( General Surgery ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
10.M.Ch. Urology
3 M.S. ( General Surgery ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
11.M.Ch. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery2
M.S. ( General Surgery ) or its
equivalent recognised degree
12.M.Ch. Neuro Surgery1
13.M.Ch. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery2
14.M.Ch. Paediatric Surgery1
15.M.Ch. Vascular Surgery1

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